Stereo Tube Preamp!

Discussion in 'Amps, Mics & Pickups [DB]' started by powermans, Sep 14, 2002.

  1. Greetings Fellow D/Ber's
    I am always looking to improve my sound and,to this end I continue to experiment with different ideas.
    My set-up at present consists of a Czech bass using Corelli strings and the following transducers.
    1. Underwood 2.Double Big Twin 3. Fishman.
    into a "Trace Elliot 715" Combo.

    I am generally happy with the sound out of the THREE transducers and with a little playing with the EQ on the Trace get a reasonable sound.

    Being one to experiment , I thought of trying to incorporate more than just ONE transducer at a time and about a week ago I picked up an "ALTO Stereo TUBE pre-amp.
    Well after trying the underwood with the K&K / and then the Fishman to the K&K etc. I have started to get some VERY nice tones...early days yet.... but have varied the scope of sounds quite dramatically from just using the one Pick-up at a time!

    The ALTO has a 20db pad which works well as I was starting to get overload coming straight through to the amp also , you get a nice variation using the phase reverse on each channel. Finally, I note a nice warm sound by increasing the Drive control on each channel,the 12AX7 valves really give a new sound to my Trace.

    I nearly bought the DBX Pre-amp but was put off by the price being over DOUBLE what the ALTO cost.
    Price here in AUSSIE for the Alto was $249.00 about $140.00 US.
    Anybody else trying this approach?????