SOLD Sterling by Musicman SUB Ray4 w/upgrades

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    This is a Sterling by Musicman SUB Ray4, the more recent budget model Stringray bass made by Musicman. This bass provides the fat tone and punch of a Stingray, without breaking the bank!

    I have gigged this bass for two years and have zero complaints about it. The reason I am selling it is that I have upgraded to an EBMM Stingray Classic, mainly because this bass lead me to realize the magic of the Stingray.

    This bass has a few nice upgrades that make it superior to the SUB Ray4 you would buy at the store. Upgrades include:

    1. A Guitarfetish Alnico humbucking pickup
    2. A volume knob replacement and rewiring (to allow for even volume levels throughout the turn and to prevent clipping, basically it fixes the major issue with these basses)
    3. Fret filing so there are no rough ends

    Shipping is free to the continental US


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    These are great for the money especially with an upgrade. I replaced the stock pup in mine with a Seymour Duncan and it really shines.
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