No longer available Sterling Ray4 - Delano pickup, active/passive switch

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Gustopher, Sep 17, 2021.

  1. Gustopher

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    Jul 30, 2018
    United States
    Howdy all! Up for sale/trade is my project Sterling Ray4! It was a newer model (2020/2021) that I picked up a few months ago and started modding and upgrading.
    Right now it is wearing factory tuners, an aged pearl pickguard and a Delano MC4FE pickup (will include box, pickup cost about $120) I have the pickup wired parallel and have installed an active passive mini toggle switch that bypasses the preamp and battery. When engaged the signal is straight from the pickup to the jack with no volume or tone control. That would be easy to wire, I just didn’t want it that way. Neck is very straight and truss is working well. I sanded off the Sterling decal and tried a couple different decals, but didn’t like them and now it’s very bare with only Stingray showing. I like it, if you don’t, feel free to add whatever decal you like!
    I am also going to include the original pickup (newer style with 4 leads that can be wired series or parallel) and pickguard (plain white). It is currently strung with Ken Smith slick rounds, pretty much like flats and are super thumpy. If you’d rather, I can include some EB slinky’s instead.
    I can ship neck on or off, with the high cost of shipping these days, I’d ask a prospective buyer to pay around half of shipping to ease the burden. I will pack very securely, with probably too much packing material because I am over cautious lol.
    I am open to trades, trade value would be a little higher than the sale price as it is priced pretty competitively but I’m easy going. Interested in small cabs (elf, ashdown mini, etc), other inexpensive basses, electric guitars, multi effects, all kinds of fun stuff. Thanks and here are the pics;

    95F96476-B3E4-4BDF-B6C6-3638A16954B3.jpeg 95F96476-B3E4-4BDF-B6C6-3638A16954B3.jpeg 22567783-A02C-48CF-AE1F-79120088EF80.jpeg EEF6CBC5-21C1-445B-AE6D-42A992946CA4.jpeg E7E5E55F-F06E-4E61-93ED-F3CFD7D589E3.jpeg 061C0F71-46AA-4238-96F8-45033AEF5D38.jpeg E5540737-3E3C-43D2-AFCF-ECA9C7E24E6E.jpeg
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  2. Blille

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    Aug 13, 2017
    Nice job! If it had another string I would be all over it. GLWTS.
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