Sterling S.U.B. Series StingRay Ray4 HH

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  1. StingRay RAY4 HH

    This is the first HH I’ve seen in the S.U.B. line. I’ve heard good things about the low B on S.U.B. series 5-ers and this new offering has definitely piqued my curiosity, even if the color choices wouldn’t be my first picks.

    Has anyone had the chance to try one of these out—especially in the 5-string model?
  2. JCooper


    Oct 21, 2009
    I'm curious about these as well.
    And I think I could enjoy the green and maple...
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  3. I'm digging the look of the 5 string olive. It needs a black pickguard. Anybody have any experience with these since this thread was originally posted 2 1/2 months ago?
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  4. bigtone23


    Dec 10, 2014
    Denver, CO
    If any music stores were open, I would have played one by now!
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  5. Agreed, a black guard on the olive would look great. Would love to give one of these a try, also really tempted by the short scale Stingray that SBMM have released. They really piqued my interest with these latest ranges.
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  6. Yahboy


    May 21, 2008
    I go with Ray5H rather the Ray5HH.

    I am pretty happy with the tight and solid B string voice from ray5H with Treble on middle ( 0 on center) and Bass around 30%(from full roll back). String to string tone are pretty balance without thin G and boomy B.
    If both knobs set on middle or raise both knobs 40% (from middle), she sound lot thunderous growl but the B string get overly boomy through my bass amp.

    For me, beside the benefit of vary tone from ray5HH , i believe the B string could sound much boomy on neck pickups.

    I think HH work much better on Ray4HH.


    Forget to mention , i raise the E,A and D steel rod on the pickups for best string to string output balance.


    I also found that the first Ray5 i return (satin blue with Jotoba fretboard ) sound less meaty and less clear tone B and E string than the second Ray5 ( maple fretboard) .

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