Sterling Sub Ray 5

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  1. alandk


    Jun 12, 2019
    Hello to all
    I just picked up a Sterling Sub ray 5 for 174 dollars so I could not pass it up.I ve been playing Bass for over 50 years so most of the material we play is in 4 sting mode. My question is I went over the Bass changed the nut, Rolled the fingerboard ( feels easy on the hands now)Cleaned controls.I m looking for upgraded parts Pickup, maybe a bridge.I need some direction. I certainly would would appreciate any help.
    BTY I have a pre CBS Jazz Bass and a real Sterling, A USA G&L JB2 which has been upgrade to EMGs plus Hipshot Extender and a Bone nut.The five is a real challenge for me so you guys can teach me on a way to get used to the spacing.
    Many Thx
  2. I have a 1990 USA Stingray 5 and just got a new Sterling Sub Ray 5. Right now it sounds great and wouldn't change anything except the tuners if I have any problems. So is this your first five string and by spacing do you mean the tight spacing on Musicman 5 string? I have played a 5 string jazz quite a bit and prefer the tighter spacing on the Musicman. You should be able to get used to it unless you have large fingers.
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