Steve Bailey Fretless Fundamental first review!!!

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  1. Ok, now for some preliminar report, with the system installed and set up:

    Tone is absolutely amazing! (you expected from me to say this but anyway!)Of course, first thing I've noticed is that with this all-active setup you can go to the extremes of twang-colored tone, but personally, I find it useful just for sensible "thousand options" experimenting :), in order to find a perfect tone for the situation(which is the one of the few advantages of active pickups/preamp)

    There are four pots: Volume (+pull Fretless contour), Blend, Mid, and one for Bass/Treble.
    Preamp is ultra quiet, which was expected. Some people don't like Basslines because they sound too high-tech, sterile, etc. I do not think so...At least Fretless Funamental System doesn't sound sterile to me. You can dial in a great variety of tones, and that's what I like at the moment. Buttery lows and super adjustable midtones (with Mid pot and with 'fretless contour' option, which is btw the one of the 'signature' features; it deals with high and low mids which somehow affects the harmonic sound, and enchaces it. Great for soloing, and Steve-like harmonics adventures). Mwaah (or whatever you call it) is great, but for what I think, does not depend on pickups so much. It's more on your playing style, and perhaps strings, as well as string action.

    I use D'Addario Chromes (flatwound) strings at the moment. They are heavier gauge (.105-.50) and they play important part of the sound, too. They are tighter that Thomastik, as you already know, but it's not so bad... I like 'em..

    About the Jazz Bass replacing availability: I am not really sure if it could be easily installed
    in the standard jazz bass (passive). This is 3-band EQ system, but if you purchase it with the 2-band EQ, i think it 's ok. My bass is some sort of jazz-style body, but it had one volume and one tone pot, plus two switches, one for pickup choosing and one for some kind of tone boost :)) (don't know really)
    I luckily didn't have to cut the body wood, but I went to the tech for the installation after all, just wanted to be sure.
    Other bass specs: 4 string, basswood body (mild-heavy), great unplugged tone;
    one piece, oil finish, "no fingerboard" neck made of Tali (Missanda, Muave) wood (some kind of mahogany, but harder and more stable and weather/instects resistant), bolt-on, Schaller bridge and tuners, bone nut.

    You should expect pics and sound clips in few days, within this topic.

    Be good!