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  1. I just watched the bass day video the one that Steve Bailey was playing with Victor Wooten. They were awesome!!!

    But were 2 of them not in good terms or what? I sense sarcasm between the 2 of them....and lots of it came from Steve. I'm not familiar with Steve, even though his playing is awesome, but howabout his doesn't look like he's fun to be with.

    Or am I wrong?
  2. I met Steve Bailey at a Namm show a few years ago, and his ego was very - well, let's just say that he liked himself so much that I didn't have to.

    He got a Lakland bass for free as an endorser, then sold it. Dan Lakin never saw the bass, or the money again.
  3. it's always too bad when someone with that kind or talent just ruins what people think about them by being a selfish bastard. the barry bonds of bass.
  4. So he's a jerk huh?
  5. Woodchuck


    Apr 21, 2000
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    Like a person @ Bass Player told me: If you run out of great things to say about Steve, just say the word, and he'll help you out.:)
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    Yea I heard he's his own biggest fan, too.

    As for the sarcasm thing, I know they play togeather in Bass Extremes (Spl?), so it could just be good ol' band camaraderie.
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    Sep 26, 2000
    I have the Bass Extremes video, and at first I thought it was comaraderie as well, but after a few watches, I could tell that Steve was starting to irk Victor. Some of the things he said were downright mean.

    He made fun of Victor a lot, especially when Victor made any type of joke. Victor went along with it like a good sport, but you can sense he wasn't too happy about it.

    It's too bad Steve is a hell of a player.

    P.S. Anybody have any old BP's with Steve's articles in them? A bass virtuoso he is, but an entertaining columnist he is not.
  8. Woodchuck


    Apr 21, 2000
    Atlanta (Grant Park!)
    Gallien Krueger for the last 12 years!
    Oh man! He was HORRIBLE!!! Just look at his "contribution" to the 10th anniversary issue. I can't believe BP printed that.:confused:
    I'll agree with you, he's an amazing player, but he clearly wasn't the model for the book, "How To Win Friends & Gain Influence." I heard a rumor, keep in mind that I said "rumor", that Aria was the only company that would touch him, because of his rep with other gear companies, i. e. the Lakland incident. It's probably not true, but that's what I was told by another luthier.
  9. Hello Fellow Bassists,
    Having studied with steve quite at bit at victor Wootens Bass/nature camp 2000,i can tell you that steve is a great guy.I didnt find him to be egotistical.In fact,he was quite humble.Steve has a great sense of humor,albeit a little sarcastic.Thats just part of his personality.Once you get to know him a bit,hes a really cool person.Also,on top of being an awesome player,he is also a gifted teacher.
    p e a c e

    ps.there is no footage of vic with steve at bass day.You are refering to "the day the bass players took over the world" video,shot in nashville during the summer namm show.
  10. Hi, even though I agree with most of the comments here, I really appreciate your explanation coming from a person who know Steve.

    That's cool:) Plus, yeah it was probably my mistake, it's not bass day:)
  11. Like it was mentioned above, I think the "sarcasm" in the Bass Extremes video was just camaraderie between Steve and Victor (Steve being the sarcastic one). I got the feeling that Steve was actually blown away by Victor's abilities. He made comments about how he was going to practice Victor's parts. I think it was his way of praising Victor in a comical way.

    Back in '94 after a Flecktones show, I briefly spoked to Victor. I mentioned to him that I heard he worked with Steve Bailey on a project (Bass Extremes) and he said, "Steve's a great guy!" I know Victor's the kind of guy who wouldn't say something negative about another person. But I don't think he would say something good about someone if he didn't mean it.

    Also, Steve Bailey appears on a track on Victor's album Yin & Yang and plays a solo. I think that would indicate that their relationship is at least OK.

    I can't really comment on Steve's personality because I haven't met him or seen too much of him in videos or magazine articles. But my above statements are just a deduction of Steve and Victor's relationship.
  12. I also met and played with Steve, I thought he was a cool guy. Being a lover of solo bass I did not care for the Bass Extremes project. Especially the video, because Steve's intonation is awful throughout the vid. The CD is ok & the second CD Cookbook is a waste of money IMO. But both recordings are definately a fun documentation into the world of bass techniques, however not good examples of exquisite compositional skills ;) :rolleyes:

    I did like Steves playing on Jethro Tulls' Roots to Branches CD.
  13. Before watching the video I've never heard of Steve's playing, but he's really good! Plus the false harmonics he pull off so effortlessly....quite incredible.
  14. I've never heard him, but our state library has two of his books, Rock Bass and Advanced Rock Bass. The technical content in those books was pretty amazing, but not the musical content.
  15. Perhaps my encounter with Steve was after he broke up with a girl, or something other that would make his demeanor less than pleasing to be around at that particular time. However, the fact that he screwed over Dan Lakin (My employer at the time) left a bad taste in my mouth, especially after the NAMM show encounter.
  16. john turner

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    all my encounters with steve, at various namm shows, were very pleasant and informative. he's a pretty cool guy, ime, and one of the best, if not the best, fretless players i've ever heard.
  17. You're probably right JT....maybe he's moody.
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    I've never met him, so I can't -- and won't -- comment on his personality, because I personally don't know.

    However, I do know that he's definitely one of my favorite bass players. Great intonation (usually), great tone, very cool playing. He reuses some of his lines a bit too much, but other than that, he does some pretty cool stuff.

    I, personally, think it would be fun to meet him some day.
  19. john turner

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    yeah, maybe that, or else he might have a sense of humor that some people might not understand.

    nothing like a misunderstood joke to make people think that one is a jerk, you know what i mean?
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    And that's exactly why I don't go by other people's opinions of people very often, especially with people who have a sense of humor like Steve's...easily misunderstood and/or misinterpretted.