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  1. Morette


    Mar 9, 2011
    In the gallop of Harris , how goes the cycle is 2-1-2 2-1-2 or he does 1-2-1 1-2-1
    (1= index 2 = middle )
  2. Both your examples are identical to the typical bassist. It doesn’t matter which finger you start on.

    It is also more likely that he alternates, instead of doubling up on the same finger two notes in a row.
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  3. Morette


    Mar 9, 2011
    alternate changes the sound , are you sure he does that?
  4. As bassists we strive to make both attacks sound the exact same.

    In all fairness, though, I have no idea if he does that.
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  5. RobTheRiot


    Aug 31, 2016
    las Vegas, nv
    If I’m thinking of the same, signature “Gallup” rhythm of Steve Harris in many Maiden songs, I’m pretty sure he actually uses a 3 finger technique. Something like like 4-3-2 4-3-2 4-3-2, where 4=ring fngr, 3=middle fngr, 2=index fngr.

    This is usually done where he is not changing notes (pitch) very quickly; during fills or moving bass parts he’ll go to a more normal 1-2 / 2-1 alternating pattern.

    With a little practice, it’s really not hard. If you can tap your fingers on a desk, alternating 4-3-2-1 - pinky to index - it’s pretty similar to playing that pattern on bass, just removing the pinky.

    Pretty cool effect, give it a try!

    (He is the original reason I fell in love w/ bass, and that gallup sound is so uniquely his. If you watch a Maiden video, you can usually get a cpl good shots of him using the 3 finger technique.)
  6. Morette


    Mar 9, 2011
    He only uses Two fingers , thats clear , you can see al bases cover and watch from close in british lion , he uses a lot the index , but i dont know his combination of gallop