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Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by abefas, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. abefas


    Apr 29, 2018
    Hello there! I have a Squire Affinity P Bass and I was wondering if it would work putting on SH's sign. strings, as the neck is not as thick as on the signature model pbass. Is there a chance the neck won't be able to handle the pressure and cause problems?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. GIBrat51

    GIBrat51 Innocent as the day is long Supporting Member

    Welcome to Talk Bass, first of all..
    Is there a chance of problems with Steve Harris flat wounds? Yes, of course there's a chance. But, there's a chance of problems with any strings you put on your bass, that aren't super ultra-low tension. The question is really "How likely is it that there will be a problem with these strings?" My answer is that, assuming your bass has no mechanical defects (i.e., nothing's broken/wrong to begin with), and your truss rod actually works like it should; NO, you shouldn't have a problem with those strings. Your bass' neck should handle them just fine. I personally would keep a close eye on the neck for the first little while - just to be sure there isn't a problem. And, in the unlikely event there is? Well, strings come off even easier than they went on. I have a set of those things around here someplace; but, with 22 basses, it's hard to decide what to put them on. Maybe the aluminum-necked Kramer.. Anyway, again; welcome! Let us know how those strings work for you...:thumbsup:
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  3. With a heavy set with high tension and stiffness like the SH signature flats, the important thing is you set up your bass properly with a nice low action and a relatively straight neck. Otherwise, you would have to worry about busting your hands before busting the neck on your bass. ;):D
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  4. I have the signature model.

    The strings are really stiff. Really.

    Even with a proper setup, you might still have to do some work on the intonation.
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  5. Jarke


    Nov 19, 2021
    Hello there...I see this is an old thread but i have a problem with my signature Steve Harris bass Olympic white...
    My bass tech says that the neck cant handle the tension of the SH77 roto strings...that the neck has the curve,no matter how trus rodd is adjusted...He recomends round strings and ge sticks with it.
    I would like to know is that really an issue here,that Fender cant handle flatwound string tension?
    I really like the fell and sound of SH77 but a dont want to mess up my bas...
    I would be gratefull for any help :)
  6. At more than 250 lbs. of total tension the SH signature set (50-110) is one of the heaviest out there. If you like their tone but want to be easier on the bass (and your fingers), you can always try a lighter set, eg. 45-65-85-105.
  7. Jarke


    Nov 19, 2021
    Thank u very much for your reply :)
    I will try that,but I am afraid that i will get the same answer from my change the strings to rounds...he thinks that Fender does not use a proper wood for those new basses,and that puting a SH77 into box with bass is a comercial matter...but deos not work :)
  8. Find another tech. It's one thing for him to advise you against the SH77 as they're at the extreme end of the scale in terms of overall tension, but simply telling you to switch to rounds is not very professional on his part. There are plenty of options out there for flats that are much lighter in tension than the SH77.
  9. Jarke


    Nov 19, 2021
    Thanks...i am considering that :)
    Thank u again for your good will to help...
  10. Ricky Rioli

    Ricky Rioli

    Sep 29, 2020
    Someone on another thread recently pointed out that the current SH signature P has a very different neck to the previous one.

    The previous one came with the heavy gauge SH Rotosound flats fitted, so clearly that deep, broad neck could take it.

    Here's Ed F reviewing it ten years ago. He talks about the strings at 4'30" and the neck straight after, at 5'08"

    "If you're going to put some thick*** strings like these Rotosounds strings on here you need a serious chunk of wood to keep it straight"

    (It's weird that to get close to Steve Harris's No.1 P – and he has several of them in regular use – you would need to combine the chunky neck of the previous MIJ model with the maple body of the current MIM one....but that's for another thread I guess.... ;) )
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  11. LetItGrowTone


    Apr 2, 2019
    Thank you. This is extremely annoying.
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  12. Two things:

    1) It was almost impossible to get and keep my intonation right with the SH77 strings.

    2) Steve Harris’s own bass has a truss rod that is more or less rusted into place. That suggests that in his case that it is what it is, and that it works for his style.
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  13. Ricky Rioli

    Ricky Rioli

    Sep 29, 2020
    Here's a quote from a recent-ish SH interview

    You use flatwound strings, and yet you’re known for a bright, trebly sound. It’s a bit of a contradiction.

    It is. The unfortunate part is that I have to change strings every gig. It’s because I sweat so much onstage that they just go dead. That might happen with roundwounds as well, but having said that, the flatwounds also stop all the screeching when you’re playing quieter, slower stuff. And that’s one of the reasons I stopped playing roundwounds—the screeching, and also chopping your fingers up a bit. I love the flatwounds. It’s not for everyone, I suppose. They’re such a heavy gauge that they tend to bow the neck unless you have a really solid neck, like I have.
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  14. Jarke


    Nov 19, 2021
    Yes,i get it.
    Thing I dont get is why fender gives these SH77 strings with bass when u cant use them...maybe after 20 years the neck will dry out completly and then i can give it a try...
  15. Ricky Rioli

    Ricky Rioli

    Sep 29, 2020
    Or buy the previous blue sparkle one as well, and swap the necks..... :ninja:

    PS sorry for making you feel like I was overdoing the point, but these threads remain online for years, and turn up on Google searches, and so adding SH's own words seemed worthwhile
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