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Steve Knight - RIP - Jan. 19, 2013

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by viobass21, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. viobass21


    Dec 13, 2007
    Northeast PA
    To all who grew up listening to the classic lineup of Mountain - Pappalardi/Knight/Laing/West, it is my sad task to report the passing of Steve Knight on January 19, 2013. He actually was primarily a bassist and multi-talented on other instruments including tuba, trombone, piano, organ and guitar to name a few. His latter years were spent as the bassist for the group Taksim, a Middle-Eastern heavily improvisational jazz group that played in complicated and odd-meter time signatures that boggle the Western mind. Steve recorded two CD's with them. Listed below are links to his obituaries. Don't know how long they'll be active. Having met Steve several times at his home in Woodstock and attended several Taksim gigs, he really was a first class guy and gave me some great musicianship insights. His absence was greatly felt when Mountain reformed without him, but he did leave behind some great music for us to remember him by. Check out the live (bootleg) version of Silver Paper on YouTube.

    When my partner and I created the Felix Pappalardi Dedication Website http://www.pappalardi.com back in 1999 we were able to establish contact with Steve. He was kind enough to contribute a "Whatever Happened to Steve Knight" page to answer all the questions about what he had been doing since Mountain. He was a two-term elected councilman for the town of Woodstock, NY.

    Thanks for taking a few minutes of your time to remember Steve.





    Published on NYTimes.com from January 28 to January 29, 2013
    Stephen Sanders Knight
    1935 - 2013

    Stephen Sanders Knight ("Steve"), born May 12, 1935 in New York City, died on January 19, 2013 in Riverdale, New York. Steve was a musician, carpenter, local politician (Woodstock, NY), and father. In the 50s and 60s he was active in the Village music scene. Steve was the keyboardist for the band, Mountain, which toured internationally and performed at the infamous Woodstock Festival. He performed regularly with the Red Onion Jazz band and his love of jazz and middle eastern rhythms lead him to join the musical group, Taksim, with which he performed for over twenty years. A graduate of Columbia University, Steve was a curious and creative person, kind and talented. He leaves many friends behind in both New York City and his beloved town of Woodstock, NY. Steve is survived by his daughter Zoe Knight, son-in-law, Stuart Wolferman and grandson, Jasper Knight Wolferman. In loving memory of Steve, the family requests a donation to the Woodstock Land Conservancy.
  2. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    When I saw your Thread, I thought to myself...is he talking about Steve Knight from Mountain?
    Will need to check out Taksim.
  3. jerry

    jerry Doesn't know BDO Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 13, 1999
    I thought the same thing, and will also be checking out Taksim.
    Fly on Steve................................
  4. Sad to learn of Knights demise.

    Always ..still am a Mountain fan.

    In 1971, I met Pappalardi at their limos after an Atlanta Show. I asked a bunch of Music/ sound related questions..he patiently replied to each.

    One question was about keys..I told Felix that I knew the organ was there, but could not "hear" it..He said it was by design for keys in Mountain to fill up the overall sound scape/space. Later I realized he was giving me the laymans answer to the Wall of Sound effect.

    Funny..when I asked him about his distorted tone..did he use a fuzz box, Felix replied tha he used super-charged amps. I was admittedly not the most knowledgeable, but I am pretty sure that I would have grasped Sunn 2000-S had he said that instaed.....LOL..

    As we had lost Hendrix the Fall before..we had lost Morrison, Joplin, Duane Allman and Otis Redding in less than a year, so I told him to take care of Leslie West..ironically West is still alive and Pappalardi needed the "protection".

    R I P Stevee Knight..you were underappreciated in my opinion regardless of "intended design".
  5. rapidfirerob

    rapidfirerob Fusion rules!

    Sorry to hear this. Never heard of Taksim either. The "infamous" Woodstock festival?
  6. viobass21


    Dec 13, 2007
    Northeast PA
    Here's some additional information to help everyone out that has questions.

    1 - Taksim was founded by Sudan (a.k.a. Souren Baronian) and Steve was a part of that group many years after Mountain.
    2 - If you would like to follow or pick up on some of Steve's recordings, here's a quick list and some places you can find at the time of this post. In these Near/Middle - Eastern groups Steve actually opened a new dimension by adding the bass.

    a). Sudan Baronian's Taksim - "It's About Time" (1995) Steve Knight - Fretless (Ampeg AUB-1) and Fretted Electric Bass (Vintage Fender P-Bass).
    CD - Carlee No. 88
    b). Souren Baronian's Taksim - "Ocean Algae" (2002) Steve Knight - Fretless (Ampeg AUB-1) and Fretted Electric Bass (Vintage Fender P-Bass).
    CD - Carlee No. 89

    1995 Carlee Records, 628 East 9th Street, Suite 3D, NYC, NY 10009

    Both can currently be found on Amazon using "Baronian's Taksim" to search.

    c). Herbie Mann "The Wailing Dervishes - Live At The Village Theater" CD and vinyl LP. (1967) Also available on Amazon. Steve Knight - Fender Bass

    d). George Mgrdichian Ensemble - "One Man's Passion" Steve Knight - Fretless (Ampeg AUB-1) Electric Bass.

    e). Shel Silverstein and The Red Onion Jazz Band - "Hairy Jazz" (1959) - Now available on CD (2008).
    Steve Knight -Trombone and Tuba (the bass instruments!)

    These three recordings can currently also be found on Amazon using the album titles or main artist to search.

    f). Ken Davern and His Salty Dogs - "In The Gloryland" Vinyl LP (ca. 1957-58) periodically on eBay or currently MP3 download on Amazon.
    Steve Knight -Trombone

    g). Dave Van Ronk - "In The Tradition" Vinyl LP (ca. 1963) and now on Import CD at Amazon.
    Steve Knight -Tuba On the liner notes he is listed as Steve McKnight, but he is the real deal Steve Knight as you can read in the notes about him coming from the Red Onion Jazz Band. (As Steve recounted to me, this was the instrument that actually helped him identify the early onset of his Parkinson's Disease, which later took it's ultimate toll on him. He began to be unable to articulate certain notes and went to a doctor to find out why.)

    ADDED 04-09-13

    h). The Feenjon Group - Steve Knight - guitar (ca. mid-1960's)
    1 - "An Evening at the Cafe Feenjon"
    2 - "Jerusalem of Gold"

    i). The Devil's Anvil - "Hard Rock From the Middle East" (1967) Vinyl and CD available.
    Steve Knight - guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, percussion, bouzouki.
    Felix Pappalardi - lead guitar, bass, fuzz bass, fuzz gadzouki, tambourine, tamboura, percussion, tar drum.

    j). Here's where it gets very interesting.
    Steve was part of a folk group that called themselves "Wings" and recorded an eponymous LP on ABC/Dunhill records in 1968. DS-50046. The album has no musician credits on the liner notes but based on an old historical description from a 2003 eBay auction I saved, Steve Knight was credited as the keyboard player. (On his page on Pappalardi.com, he mentions "several instruments.") Members of (folk) Wings came from other groups such as Spanky and Our Gang and The Serendipity Sisters. This group HAD/HAS no connection to Paul McCartney and his later group of the same name other than the name was "available." At the time of this posting a copy of the vinyl LP is posted for auction on eBay and you can't miss Steve's face on either cover!

    More to follow as I have the time post.

  7. Niff


    Mar 18, 2007
    New Zealand
    Since you run the Felix Pappalardi Website, you may be interested to know that the Hard Rock Cafe in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia has Felix's jacket there. Coolest jacket I have ever seen.
  8. On my bucket list...

    TO Jam with West and Lang...

    Niff.. in my brief encounter with Felix..first rock star I met. He was kind and patient with me..I was only 17.. as we shook hands across trunk of a classic Caddy Limo, just outside the venue..a grand memory.

    Niff...Did Pappalardi's wife, Gail Collins, design the jacket?? She did clothing and album designs for Mountain..regardless of her hand in Felix' demise.......

    Decades later, I was lucky to chat briefly with West on an Atlanta Sunday morning rock radio show..HE GAVE ME AND MY WIFE PASSES..but we didn't get to thank him personally..

    And again, years later ; for a birthday gift,, my wife bought tickets for Joe Satriani..with West / Mountain as warm up..an all musicians crowd.. Satriani and West jammed.. We will remember that one, too.
  9. jerry

    jerry Doesn't know BDO Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 13, 1999
    She also was his sometime songwriting partner.
  10. Agreed... I reall some Cream tunes were credited: Pappalardi/ Collins as well as Mountain?

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