Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground

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  1. Does anyone have any sheet music or tabs for this song? I've looked everywhere and I can't seem to find anything. If not does anyone know a place where I could order the sheet music?

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    Sep 5, 2002
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    Wow! Makes a change, someone asking for the original, not RHCP's rendition.

    Well, it's Eb minor for a start. The intro and first 8 bars of the verse are a riff in Eb minor, the basic notes are something like:

    | Eb Gb Ab | Eb Db Bb Ab Gb |

    I'm sure you can work out the rhythm.

    Then it moves to F for 2 bars:

    | F Ab Bb | F Ab Ab |

    Then to Ab, then Db

    | Ab | Db |

    Then back to the riff.

    The main bass notes for the bridge are basically:

    | Ab | Eb | Ab | Eb | Ab | Eb | F | Bb |

    Then back to the good ol' riff.

    As far as soloing/embellishing goes, minor pentatonic is a good scale to use.
  3. I had that part figured out. It's kinda like the Peppers version only higher and down half a step. As for the solo thanks that should help alot.