Stewart World 2.1

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  1. How are the Stewart worlds? How much does a 2.1 usually go for? How much do they usually go for used?

    Do they have any major problems with them. I am stuck between going cheap and heavy (QSC RMX series) or this. As of now Im leaning towards the 2.1
  2. getz76


    Apr 3, 2005
    Hoboken, NJ
    They are.

    Depends where you are purchasing. Under $600 as a general rule.


    Why are you not considering the QSC PLX series as well?

    What happened to the Ampeg SVT Pro-6 or whichever head you were looking at?
  3. IvanMike

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    the stews are IMO good amps. they run about less than 1 k new, and 600 used.

    occasionally stews have an issue with one side going bad. they have a 2 or 3 year warranty, and they'll fix it, but their turnaround can be a tad slow (IME).

    I have one and love it, and I'd buy another. YMMV.
  4. DaveDeVille

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    i bought my Stewart used from Bass Northwest for under $500.00 ,
    and sold my QSC RMX2450 ... the weight of the RMX
    was the main reason i made the change .

    i've never had any problems with either side of the amp ,
    but it did take me awhile to get used to the warm up period
    before the amp actually comes on ...
    also , the Stewart uses banana plugs for the speaker connections ,
    whereas the QSC allows for 1/4" jacks ... it's not a problem ,
    i just thought it should be mentioned .

    i'd recommend either the QSC PLX series or the Stewart 2.1 ,
    both very good power amps .

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  5. Fuzzbass

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    I own two of 'em, both bought used. Love 'em.

    Oh: it should go without saying that I only use one at a time... I have two rack rigs, a 4 space and a 6 space. :p
  6. Bob Lee (QSC)

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    The PLX outputs are binding posts and Speakon.

    Years ago I rented a small sound system for an awards dinner of a professional group my wife was active in. It had a Stewart amp. I didn't know about the startup delay, so when I set everything up and turned on the system only to have the amp show no signs of life, man, I really dropped a nut! I envisioned having to find a pay phone and phone book and try to find some place still open at 7:30 on a Tuesday evening that could rent me a power amp. While I was desperately trying to figure out what could be wrong, the amp kicked on, and once it was going it performed flawlessly.