Still here, No bass, and have a question.

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  1. Some of you might remember me. I still don't have a Bass of my own yet. Haven't even picked one up in about 2 months. But I don't give up.

    I do have a question. My first bass will no doubt be a Fender Jazz Active with EQ. I can get it around $450 at my local shop. After that, I was thinking this bass from Warwick. Now I haven't played a Warwick yet, but a band I like called Blue October, they're bassist uses a 4 String Warwick. Which one I don't know since I didn't get very close to the stage, but it just sounded awsome. Do you guys think this be a good choice after I get my licks down a little bit better? I was planning to have the Fender Eventually be tuned a little flat so I can play Punk/Alternative songs. I really like Green Day and Mike Dirnt has his tuned flat. (Still need to learn how do that too. LOL :D) I was just amazed that the Warwick was cheaper than Ernie Ball. Granted that's a wonderful sounding bass too. What's your opinions?


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    Dec 11, 1999
    for every person that likes Warwick basses there are two that don't. Play some.

    For your situation I recommend a Fender Jazz or Precision (Mex or US Standard). I also recommend buying second hand from a shop. Check prices on new and sh to get a feel of prices. Play a lot of P's and J's and see what you like. Also quality varies so play a lot of basses. Buy one that you have played if at all possible or check the return policy.

    Don't rush it get a good one and keep it as a spare when you become a famous player or sell it at little or no loss if you don't.
  3. Not every warwick sounds or feels the same, there a bunch of different ones, so dont assume that the corvette will be close to what you heard.
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    Nov 8, 2001
    Warwicks have a neck profile that is different from any other bass. Some people find it very comfortable, others find it uncomfortable.Try one.