Stingray 2 band pre-ernie style pre built by john kallas(johnk_10)

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  1. i bought this a while back and then sold the bass i put it in. its been sitting unused ever since and ill probably never use it. ernie ball wont sell you these so if you want to turn your 3 band into a 2 band, heres your shot! if youre not familiar with these, they are built from a schematic based on a reverse engineered late 70's stingray preamp. so, this is a musicman pre, not some other design meant to put in musicman basses.
    125 shipped
  2. also, you dont have to use this in a ray. you can take the 25k pot out of the circuit, and use it with a two pickup bass. you just run 2volumes or a vol and blend into the input of the pre.
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    what are the controls?
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    Should be Volume-Treble-Bass with no center detents
  6. exactly!
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