Stingray 4 to Trade for ??? 5

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  1. Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray 4 for Trade. Black w/ Burgundy Tortoise Shell guard, rosewood fingerboard, 3 band EQ, 6 bolt neck, super low action with no buzzing. Condition is that of a bass that’s been played…you know small things here and there, but from 3 feet away it looks perfect. This was my main bass for years, but this year I’ve been playing mostly fretless, and when I realized that I haven’t picked it up since January, I decided to post it to see what kind of trade offers I get.

    What trades I’m interested in: Fretted 5 Strings…..G&L, Fender, Musicman, Lakland Skys, Ken Smith KSD 605, Custom built Warmouth, etc….Let me know what you have.

    Pics available.

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  4. sorry for the delay.....this one's sold.