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Stingray 5 fretless + nordstrand mm5.4 + audere preamp= !!!! (Review with soundclips)

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by malabito, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. I wasn’t that satisfied with the sound of my stingray, I loved how it played but the sound didn’t convince me 100%. So I decided to change the electronics for something else, since selling the bass here in Venezuela wasn’t an easy task. I bought a nordstrand 5.4mm pickup from bestbassgear.com and an audere preamp configured the following way:

    Volume/P-Style Treble Stacked.
    Bass knob.
    Mid1/Mid2 stacked
    Treble Knob.

    Brian from bestbassgear and David from audere are excellent people, they answer all my questions promptly by email, and by phone they were really comprehensive on dealing with an international buyer, they are highly recommended, wouldn’t have a second thought on dealing with them again.

    Installing the pickup and the preamp is really easy; you don’t need that much knowledge. The hard part is wiring the pickup to the coil selector on the stingray, the rest is all you have read here, everything is pre assemble.

    I didn’t tried the nordstrad with the stingray pre amp or the audere with the stingray pickup, just the combination, which is awesome, exactly what I was expecting. It is indeed a darker sound, but still can be clanky if you want it to be. The stingray sound it’s still their but with a bunch more of sounds available. It has a lot more of growl. Before I have a hard time producing harmonics, now they seem to be everywhere.

    I still haven’t gig with it but at rehearsals the bass cuts a lot more, the low mid knob is an amazing weapon, if you sound kind of lost on the mix, a little bit of it will make you come alive. The pre amp is really silent, little noise can be heard, comparing it to a bartollini on my mtd535, the audere is less noisy, but you have to take into consideration that the bartollini is 18V and I have the audere wire to 9v.

    The only cons I found are the following, If you set the audere to low Z mode and change from parallel to single or the other way around a loud pop is produced, in the other modes it doesn’t happen. Also the 5.4mm doesn’t come with a shield cable, so if the place were you are playing isn’t grounded correctly you will here some nasty ground if you are not touching the strings. The people from nordstrand mailed me some free copper tape so I can shield the pickup to avoid the ground noise.

    Here are some sound clips I recorded directly from the bass to a roland ua101 interface. The bass was set flat, I used thomastik JF345 strings. In each sound clip I leave the equalization flat and change the z modes from low-mid-high. In the equalization clip I just play the D string and slightly turn the equalization from completely cut to completely boost and then return back to the center. I started with the highs - high mid – low mid – lows – passive style treble. In the first 3 sound clips I left the passive style treble almost all the way boosted. The last clip is me playing some nonsense, the high and low are set flat, there is a slight boost of the low mids and slight cut of the high mids. The z mode is set on mid z mode, and the coil selector on single coil.

    I highly recommend this combination if you are looking fore more tonal options with your stingray, or if you are not 100% satisfied, its not going to make the bass sound like another bass, just improve your sound, but it might depend on who you ask.

    single coil:




    Fooling around:
  2. bryanjnkns


    Oct 18, 2006
    Very nice! I been contemplating a Nord MM4.2. I think i just might order one.
  3. Thanks, go ahead you wont be dissapointed, but you should try instead the 4.3 that way if you wire it single coil, you wont have a hum.
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