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Stingray 5 knobs and pots - ?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by sleestak, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. I bought my first Stingray 5 last week and had the pickguard swapped out yesterday when the white one I ordered came in.

    I didn't notice until this morning that all the tone pots no longer want to "stop" in the middle as they had before the pickguard got switched. All the knobs just turn like the volume switch, with no midpoint they want to settle into like before.

    Is this something I can adjust myself and if so, what tool do I need? The small hole on each knob looks like it might fit a small hex wrench, but it also looks like it is threaded on the outside and a normal screw should be there but it's not.

    Thanks for the help!

    George :cool:
  2. I thought I would reply to my own post since I was able to answer my own question.

    I finally found my hex set and was able to get those suckers off with little effort.

    I found that when I turned the pots to their mid point BEFORE I put the knobs back on, that it worked fine; the knobs easily found the midpoint "click" when turned.

    However, if you turn the pot to any other position besides the midpoint when you put the knobs back on, then the pot turns freely and there is no midpoint.

    Maybe the engineers at EB made it this way, so folks could decide themselves if they wanted a midpoint or not on their own axe.

    Problem solved, hopefully my info will help someone else too!


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