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Stingray 5...without piezo??

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Jordan Luff, Jun 24, 2002.

  1. I'm looking at a Stingray 5'er in the near future, with a maple fretboard, black pickguard, black finish, and piezo. However, the Ernie Ball site tells me that no music stores carry that specific model and design around me (or in the neighbouring states: South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida).
    Musician's Friend doesn't offer the Stingray 5 with a piezo that I'm aware of, and I really want the piezo...mainly, because many fellow TB'ers highly suggest it.

    However, there are some stores in North Carolina (that I will be moving to in a month) that carry the same exact model and design....minus the piezo. So, I was wondering, is the cool look worth it without the piezo?
  2. Chasarms

    Chasarms Casual Observer

    May 24, 2001
    Saint Louis, MO USA
    I have only a limited experience with EBMM basses, but with that, I have observed this:

    The magnetic pickup portion of the tone circuit is really great for certain applications. I really like the way a 'Ray sounds and if I was playing rock and other more aggressive music, I would probably own one.

    But IME, the sounds you get out of a 'Ray are variations on that theme.

    So by adding the piezo pickups, you are significantly broadening your tone options. For me, it would be a must have. If you think the sounds you get out of the magnetic side give you everything you need, I wouldn't spend the extra money.

    But I also wouldn't let regional availability of a new instrument be a deciding factor. There are more mint, used pieces out there that you could ever imagine as well as countless internet retailers who gladly ship you exactly what you want.

    For example, with a little patience, I would suspect our very own Gard at BC in Orlando could get that bass for you. There are many others who can as well.

    Have you tried Rik's in Knoxville?

  3. You could always just order one with a piezo from one of those stores...at least I think you can.
  4. Mark Reccord

    Mark Reccord Supporting Member

    The SR5 sounds amazing with just the magnetic pickup. But as Chasarms said, it sounds like a Stingray. Mine doesn't have the piezo bridge and I don't miss it. I dig the Stingray sound the way it is, that's why I bought one! That being said, the piezo does add a whole new dimension to the sound of the bass and adds a considerable amount of versatility. If you really want the piezo, you should hold out until you can get one. Any MM dealer will be able to order an SR5 with whatever options you want, It might just take a while. Do check Bass Central, though, they have lots of SR5's and Gard's a stand up guy!
  5. Thanks Chas! Basically, the only reason I was letting regional availability be a deciding factor, was because I wasn't aware of any other places that carried them...that I knew of. Except for Gard at BC, of course. Thankfully (I guess), I don't have to worry about this for a long time, since I'm still saving for a Fender Bassman 400 (at $5 :rolleyes: ), have no job, and am moving to North Carolina within a month or so.

    BASSnSAX: I could just order one with a piezo from one of the stores...but I'd really like the specifics I mentioned in my first post (basically, all black with maple fretboard). Then again, from what Chas and Mark have said, all I would really need is patience, and most stores would probably be able to get the specific model and design for me. Probably, anyway. ;)

    EDIT: On the other hand, it would be incredibly simple just to order a black Stingray 5 w/ piezo and then order a black pickguard. I'm aware of at least one online store that sells pickguards.

    Thanks, you guys have been a great help!
  6. Jodaka


    Jun 28, 2001
    Riverview, FL
    i happen to know for a fact that you can order one from bass central in orlando, since i have one on the way (shipped friday, i hope). gard and the guys in orlando are great to do business with, i recommend you give them a call. (stay tuned for pics of my new baby, when it comes in)...
  7. boogiebass


    Aug 16, 2000
    You could have this new one (which has the piezo bridge) for less than what a new one would cost you anywhere.

  8. danqi


    May 21, 2001
    Hey boogiebass, how much do you think would it cost to ship your bass to Germany?
    What's the name of that color?
    Got any other pics?
  9. boogiebass


    Aug 16, 2000
    Could be pricey. I'm in Southern California, you can probably get international shipping quotes from ups.com or fedex.com. Transluscent purple with black moto pickguard. Yes, I have other pics. PM me if you want more info.

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