Stingray 5

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by nate 0 jt, Nov 5, 2001.

  1. I got some questions, I know it is a great bass and all, I have played one before(a four sting). My 2 questions are:

    -Piezo-worth the money? why/why not?
    -What kind of wood for the neck?

    I play funk, jazz, and some bluegrass. I slap and tap but mostly play fingerstyle. Never with a pick. Let me know what you all think.

    Thanks a lot

  2. Comakazi


    May 3, 2001
    Midwest US
    Well, I can't comment on the piezo, I've never used one. Me, personally, I like magnetic pups -- but that's just me.
    As far as wood...I have a maple neck and board and totally love it. It's bright and definitely cuts through well. For an added touch of warmth you could get a rosewood or ebony board. Me, I like the maple though.
  3. boogiebass


    Aug 16, 2000
    The piezo is a nice option. Should be particularly effective in bluegrass and jazz, where a more acoustic, warmer tone may be desired. I use both p/u's on mine and then roll it forward to just the mag p/u for more rocking stuff, all the way back for mellower acoustic sounds. One observation: with only the piezo selected, the B string disappears almost completely! It's very ineffective at handling those low notes. Sounds great on the other four strings, however.
  4. But, hopefully very soon. I don't know about the piezos, but, a couple of months ago I did an A/B comparison of two 4 string 'Rays. They both sounded great, as I'm sure you know, but, the one with the maple board sounded noticeably crisper and more focused especially on the low notes than did the Rosewood 'Ray. And I usually prefer rosewood. About a month ago I played a 5 with a maple board; so nice. This is one bass where I have to admit that a maple fingerboard suits it better, but, that's just my opinion.

    Mike J.
  5. I was going to hook it up with a high c string, to me B's are too big and floppy. how will the piezos respond to a high C? Thanks a lot all

  6. one more thing, if i were to get the peizo option, will i have to buy a special preamp? Is there already a preamp in the electronics cavity? Thanks, nate
  7. joel the bass player

    joel the bass player Supporting Member

    Nov 27, 2000
    Omaha, NE
    I will hopefully get a Stingray 5 in the future also. The Piezo option includes all the preamp stuff. It also adds a pan knob, so there is 5 knobs.

  8. FalsehoodBass


    Jul 22, 2001
    Denver, CO
    i believe the piezo's will really shine when you tap w/ them too... i've played around in the store w/ them and i really liked it.. plus if vic wooten uses em......
    keep in mind that piezo's are also really good at amplifying string and fret noise, so any technique flaws will be nicely amplified... i think it would make you a better player.. but until then it might get annoying...
    i just ordered myself a stingray 5 w/ piezo's and a maple neck.. i'd tell you how much i liked it, but it's gona take forever to get made....