Stingray anachronisms in movies

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  1. Hi guys!
    This is probally common knowledge, but I just spotted it. In Eastwoods Charlie Parker movie "Bird" there's a scene towards the end where Parker is watching Buster Franklins Rock'n Roll band, and the bassplayer in that band is playing a Stingray. Backstage there's a pretty good shot of the headstock, that cleared out my doubt. I mean, in a movie that's supposed to take place in a time, where the first p-bass hardly was invented, how did someone not notice the bassplayer was playing a bass from a future time - let alone why didn't the bassplayer himself notice (well, maybe he was an actor)
    And there's another anachronism in the Howard Stern movie "Private Parts". At a big outdoor concert in N.Y. taking place in the mid-eighties I think, AC/DC is playing and the bassplayer plays a 20th anniversary StingRay. As far as I know, that was issued in the mid-nineties. Is it only us, the basspeople who notices these things?

    Well, I'm not really one of those film buffs finding faults everywhere, but these just where to obvious. :D
  2. The answer is Yes. Only we(basslplayers) notice that kind of stuff. I saw a movie(can`t remember the name) that take place in the early 50´, and when the band is performing, the bass player has a Stingray and he`s slappin!!!!!!!:eek:

  3. They probably got a deal from Ernie Ball or something to use the Stingray in their movie. Pretty funny stuff!