stingray bridge with sponges...???

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  1. i have a stingray4 with the bridge with the sponges on it (piezo bridge?)

    just wondering if any one uses them or if their that usefull...i've played around with them but just insterested in the you views.


  2. Those sound like string mutes to me. They are attached to a knob that raises and lowers them.
  3. yeah those are the they are just use to mute the strings, thats what i thought and heard when raising them. but still not sure why, cut sustain?... i can hear what i does when i try them out...(but dont use them to play regularly) but i just dont see the point and havent seen any other bass with them MM must have thought they were a good idea at some time....
    oh well


  4. The old Fender's had foam under the bridge covers to mute the strings and Ric's have a mute assembly in the bridge as well. From what I understand the intention was to simulate the sound of the upright bass. Sounds to me like you have an older model Stingray, is it pre-Ernie Ball?
  5. ah i get it....

    i dont think its an older model ray. (some older ones only have three knobs right..mine got four)...but not sure what year it is i i thought last five six at yo know how to find out (use the serial # i guess...

    well i must get back to studying for finals and quit surfing.

  6. do you know if it was an option for a particular year or years of rays or just always cos i'm trying to figure out what year my bass is

  7. I think that Ernie Ball stopped using the bridge with mutes in the early to mid 90's. The bridge with mutes was standard issue starting in 1976 until that time.
  8. The old StingRays were strung through the body so they had incredible sustain. The string mutes were to reduce the sustain, and they did give it more of an upright like sound. The newer StingRays are standard bridges and don't really need the string mutes.
  9. yep

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    my 94 sterling has them...but i had to trim them a bunch to be able to have my action low as i like it without hitting them.

    i never use them, but they make the bridge look a little more interesting, i guess. and if i wanted to use them (studio, etc) they're there.