Stingray Classic 4 cracked nut/finish

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  1. Hi guys,

    I bought a used Stingray Classic 4 a few days a go, and while I was changing the strings, I heard a crack and found that the nut was cracked under the G string and the finish around it was cracked as well! Luckily, it's staying in place for now. What would be the best way to get this fixed?

    IMG_0976.jpeg IMG_0977.jpeg

    Cheers, Dan
  2. You could try various methods of applying glue and clamps to it but, in the end, if the nut is broken the best bet is to get it replaced.
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    And I hope those are not your new strings pictured. Those things are corroded!
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  4. Try the glue and hope for the best. The slot on the G in the first pic looks narrow. Could the be angle. Btw....those strings are Ewwww!!!
  5. Yeah, I considered getting it glued back but I decided it was probably going to be better off ordering a new one from EBMM customer service and replacing it. What I’m more worried about is that a small piece of the poly finish got pulled up as well, is that fixable?

    And yes, the strings are pretty grimy but they’re the strings that were on it when I bought it (Rotosounds) and I haven’t gotten round to cleaning them... I decided to leave them on and get them changed when I could bring it to a luthier.
  6. Yes. The finish chip is fixable. If you are taking it to a repair person they should be able to do it. If you want to try yourself, go to the StewMac YouTube channel and find Dan’s video on finish repairs or drop fills. A little CA glue and some scraping and polishing should fix you up.
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    Drop filling would work, but you might want to try and recreate the tint somehow.

    If the nut is broken then it is time to find a new one! The slots look too deep on the factory nut, relative to the overall height of the nut. If you were keeping that nut then I would shave it down until half of each string sits proud of the surface of the nut (with the other half fitting well into the slot).
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  8. Thanks, I will keep all that advice in mind when getting it fixed.