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Stingray Classic and Novoselic RD

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by I-play-bass, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Need to sell one of my main basses for financial reasons. Willing to ship to continental US.

    I've got a Stingray Classic four in Tobacco Burst, bought new from Long and McQuade in Toronto in January 2010 (Have receipts etc).

    The 'Ray is mint. the lightest swirls on the back, and she spends all her time in her case when not used, which has only been a few hours on weekends. She has her case with her.

    Asking $1300 SOLD


    Next up is our friendly neighborhood grunge machine, the Novoselic. Which I got from Steve's Music a few months ago (Also have receipts)

    He's got a bit of swirling on the back as well, but he is also absolutely mint. Sounds just as mean as he looks, with an amount of punch I thought was not possible from a maple bass.
    He has his case as well.

    Asking $1000 (Negotiable)

  2. Weights:
    Novoselic RD - 11.9lbs
    Stingray - 9.4lbs
  3. Willing to take offers, prefer a straight out sale.
  4. No love for Classics ;)
  5. Classic is pending payment.

    Novoselic is still available.
  6. Stingray is sold and headed across the pond! Still willing to sell the RD.
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