Stingray + Coil Split => Sterling?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by JFT, Jun 20, 2002.

  1. Would adding a coil splitter and a switch to a Stingray transform it, soundwise and versatility wise, into a Sterling???

    Used MM basses are very rare in my area I see Stingray for sales once in a while but never any Sterling.

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    Jun 26, 2000
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    I *think* the pickup is different (one is ceramic and one is Alnico?), and the layout of the pickup in relation to the bridge is slightly different. (There was a recent thread abot this - check the archives.) Of couse, the Sterling has the narrower J neck profile, too.

    I'm pretty sure I've seen Stingrays with coil splitting, and they can be had with either two band or three band EQ.

    Can you shoplift a Stingray 5? ;)
  3. My my HeavyDuty you have a near encyclopedic bass knowledge :p

    Now I think I guess where your handle comes from ;)

    Your absolutely everywhere, answering tons of questions. :D

    Coming from guitar background I guess (without having touched neither) I wouldn't feel as comfy on a Stingray then....

    All this definitively seems to point more and more to a Sterling... I'm about to sell all my RC stuff (Radio-Controlled) and up to today I thought it would be enough but for a Sterling I'll have to sell quite more... Decision Decision...

    Thanks again

    P.S. Are you sure you aren't working for MM ? Joking!
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    Jun 26, 2000
    Suburban Chicago, IL
    Naw, I just like my Sterling, have a lot of opinions, and hang out here too much! You're just asking about stuff I enjoy - I don't know any more than others here, and less than most. I'm a bit of a hardware junkie. (Also, it's easy to be everywhere when you use the "newest posts" function!)

    Get out there and play, friend! That's the only way you'll discover what works *for you*. As an example, I've always shied away from P-basses because of the neck. However, tonight I spent about a half hour with a delightful, lightweight '95 AmStd P that just blew me away! Each bass is an individual - I've handled Sterlings at stores that have left me cold.

    Where in Canada are you? Are there any decent stores you can get to? (Fill out your %$$#& profile!)

    R/C? What'cha trying to get rid of? I have a lot of friends into R/C...
  5. Eh Eh I'm in Montreal, Quebec.

    I'm a frog! (Expression used by anglophon in Canada to qualify the French speaking minority!)

    So that's why my English is far from perfect. Altough I speak English everyday at work :(

    There a few (3) good store but not all brands are imported. MTD can't be found anywhere in Canada apparently.

    Anyway here's a bit about me. I'm too a hardware junky in all domain which is why I'm doing so much research before getting that first bass.

    I play saxophone since I was 14 and I'm now 32. (Altough I haven't touch it very much in the last 10 years).

    Since my wife was playing piano we got both a piano and a synth a few years ago and so I started to learn bits (just enough to know my way and use it with sequencer to compose).

    I started guitar about a year and a half ago and realize how wrong my life had been before I picked a string instrument. Guitar brought to my life what had miss all along. My sax was missing polyphony whereas there is no physical intimacy with a synth i.e. your touch does little to change the sound compare to a truly physical instrument.

    I got quite a bit more into composition with the guitar still I figured out that the first part I always wrote down was always the bassline. This lead me to think I might as well get into the real thing and get a bass.

    I bought a few books and researched a lot on the internet read a bit about technique but also a lot about the philosophy and role of bassplayer. For example I didn't know that the bass was considered a rhythmic instrument like the drum. I realized that in the end YES I truly love guitar but my fascination with rhythm and bassline probably means I'm predisposed toward bass...

    Finally I used to have WAY too much money for my own sake. Got 4 guitars worth a couple grands in my very first year learning guitar. And although this may sound crazy in the end that was a best move because everyday I play one or the other.

    Quality instruments have this: if you look at them you want to play them and once you picked them up you can't put them down again. This is simply invaluable a trait that considerably accelerated my learning on the guitar.

    But All this was BEFORE the baby was born and my wife quit her job... For now gathering 1000$Can for a bass is mind boggling :mad:

    I like quality instrument and the knowledge that they won't hinder my learning. Also they provide an incentive to play.

    So here you go with my VERY LONG introduction. I guess you are sleeping now but you did asked for my profile!

    P.S. To get a Sterling I'll certainly have to sell a guitar :(
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    Jun 26, 2000
    Suburban Chicago, IL
    Aha! I had a feeling you were a Canadien - it must be your phrasing.

    Trust me - your English is far, far better than my French!

    I agree wholeheartedly. There's a certain pleasure that comes from playing a quality instrument. (Playing a best quality custom must be damn near orgasmic!) And I do believe the better the instrument plays, the more you'll practice.

    Have fun with your search!