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  1. So, for awhile during the summer I found that I liked the tone people were getting out of stingrays. I worked for my dad during the summer, and saved up for my first bass over $1000. The thing is, I'm a lefty so i can't exactly walk into a store and play one and see how it feels. Not to mention I live on an island, so there are no music stores...Anyways, I got my stingray and wasn't exactly impressed. The neck wasn't very comfortable to me, it sort I'd felt like a block I couldn't maneuver on on the A and D. After lowering the action to my liking, it still didn't feel right. I've also noticed, the sound isn't exactly as I hoped. So what I'm trying to say is, I don't think it's "the bass for me." I think I'll put a new battery in it and a set of strings to give it another chance to see if I can understand its nature. In situations like this, do you guys just sell them? Or work with them and maybe change some things? I'm not sure if I want to keep it or not, and would like a good reason to hold on to it before I decide to sell it and think about getting a P bass.
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    I know what you mean. I'd always wanted a really choice SR5. I got one at the beginning of this year and just did not gel with it at all, which is weird because I'm absolutely in love with my Lakland 55-94, which isn't exactly the same bass, but it's comparable and similar in a lot of ways. To me the Mids I was/am used to hearing weren't there with the single HH pickup. My Lakky as a J/MM configuration and a more middy Bart preamp so I'm sure that has a lot to do with it.
  3. I went looking at MM basses and it turns out that the one that sounds most like a Stingray to me was a Sterling... Haha
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    I prefer the Sterling as well. Had I of been able to find a nice used Sterling 5 I'd more than likely stuck with it.
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    Had a really nice SR4 for a little under a year. Had fun playing slap bass with it, and I dug the 'flea' tone it gave me. And it looked really good. But I eventually sold it since I still played my P bass 95% of the time. The good thing is that it really held it's value and I sold it for nearly what I bought it (used) for.
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    What kind of bass do you typically play?

    What kind of music do you play?

    How was the sound lacking exactly?
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    Well your talking about two extreme sounds to me with those two basses. If you're thinking of the P sound more in your head, then don't hammer away at the Ray trying to make it something it's not.
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    I had really bad GAS for a Ray years back and bought one (paid through the nose, too). It was an absolute beauty, construction was flawless and it played just great. But after one gig I realised it was never going to sound the way I wanted it to, for me, personally, imo etc. I kept it at home for a few years, but in the end I sold it to someone who'd use it more. Weird thing is, I still miss it even though I wasn't playing it.

    Sorry. Ignore me, I'm losing the plot slowly but surely.
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    If you wanted a more comfortable neck, you should have gotten a Stingray Slo Special.

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    Sterling as in SBMM or EBMM Sterling?

    Anyhow, an SLO may be the ticket if playability was the only concern, but as far as tone is concerned, maybe it's time to look at another bass?

    EBMM has a powerful EQ, so you should be able to tweak your tone quite a bit, but you don't want to do anything too extreme. Stingray Classic might be your next stop if you really want to find a Stingray sound. I personally went back to passives and rediscovered the beauty of the P and Jazz Basses.
  11. real Sterling, not the indonesian ones
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    Get a Sterling.
  13. Rays are great, everyone currently suggests p basses for everything now....but a Ray is IMO a better bass.
  14. This is what I'm feeling. And to answer a few questions, I like to play classic rock (and jazz, but don't need a bass for that). And lately I now am digging P bass sound and I don't with the stingray anymore. It isn't quite what I need right now...I think I'm going to make the move towards selling it and getting a P... So next question, what do you guys think of a Fender Japan PB57/LH? As a lefty I'm on need of a different color bass...which happens to be the opposite of black..:D
  15. I've owned a MIJ Fender, and great as it was, it didn't sound or feel as good as the latest 2008- onwards USA American Standards by Fender.

    In the UK, the MIJ basses go for £450+, whereas the latest USA Standards are £750+ (second hand prices).

    If you ask me, the quality difference between the USA made EBMM Stingray and the MIJ Fender will be quite large.
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    Mean place your town, but I (don't blame me) happened to like it when I been over there!

    Back to music

    exactly your point

    a (recent) American Standard stands way over than a MIJ "F"!
    no contest at all to me

    ah: and, in all honesty, MHO is that they're too different to be compared, but if a StingRay is a great bass, a Precision is THE bass (Harris docet)

  17. I love Newcastle! I am not a born and bred Geordie, but the people here are awesome. I'd much rather be here than London.

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    Interesting to read.

    I liked my old stingray (mid nineties) but had a simliar feeling that the neck was a bit 'in the way'.

    I since discovered that my issue was the flat fretboard radius. I prefer 7.5 inch radius on my 4 strings nowadays. I tried the Stingray classic 7.5 inch radius. That felt fantastic and extremely playable.

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    I feel the same way. Just a very samey scooped kinda tone, doesn't excite me in the least. Necks aren't my thing either.
  20. I'm not comparing the two, but I now like the P bass tone and know the stingray tone isn't "my thing". So, i would most definitely rather have an American standard(or deluxe..:)) but I am DONE with black and sunburst. Which of course are the only two colors they currently maybe I'll scour eBay and other sites for a lefty, (white or blue please) American P.