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Stingray neck? problems!!!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by RealBK, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. RealBK


    Feb 8, 2002
    Hi, Has anyone ever had the neck on there Stingray 4 bass changed? (re-shaped) I wanna change mine to a Sterling neck? I'm sure this could be done by a custom shop.
  2. Basso Profoundo

    Basso Profoundo Supporting Member

    Jun 2, 2002
    Why not get a Sterling?
  3. re-shaping sounds feasible- Mike Anthony mentions in his "Bass of the month" of his site having the neck on one of his stingrays re-shaped -

    but re. swapping a neck,
    bear in mind that the stingray4 and sterling necks are of different lengths- same 34in scale, but the stingray has 21 frets, the sterling 22 frets.
    also doesn't the sterling have an angled 5bolt neckplate, while the stingray has a square 6bolt neck (on recent Ernie ball models)?

    warmoth 4string necks are 20 frets up to the edge of the neck, with the 21st fret on an overhang, therefore standard warmoth necks wouldn't fit either bass.
  4. craigb

    craigb G&L churnmeister Supporting Member

    You could probably get a Moses Graphite Stingray replacement neck with jazz dimensions. I checked on this for G&Ls and Steve Mosher said it was doable (the G&Ls and Stingray's appear to share neck heel size since the same model is for both). There is an upcharge.

    I think a good luthier could shave it down for you. I know I checked with Mike Dolan about the feasibility of doing that for G&L necks (at least on width). The risk is when making it narrower front-to-back that it doesn't get thinned right into the truss rod channel (or make the wood over the truss rod too thin).

    I know I now regret not having my first L-2000 neck reshaped when I couldn't deal with the neck width any longer. The cost is pretty small when compared to taking a loss on a bass or buying/selling a couple more trying to find the "one" again.