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  1. Gentlemen,
    I have a 89-90 Stingray 4H model that I think is having pickup issues. Real nasty weak sounds coming out of it. I have another newer 3 band ray that I borrowed the guts out to trouble shoot with and was able to isolate the issue to the pickup. Anyway, I'd like to take this opportunity to try to make this thing sound just like my 2 band classic. Considering how stock parts are so hard to come by which aftermarket pre and pickup do you think would get me the closest to making it sound like my new classic model?:bassist:
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    Feb 20, 2009
    why not keep the old original pre and just get a nice pickup from duncan or nordstrand or wherever?

    also, you're sure the old pickup is dead? is one coil louder than the other if you tap it with a screwdriver or something?
  3. I just went and checked and sure enough one of the coils is not responding well to the tap test. I took it out and inspected it and everything looks well. I measured it with a DVOM and I can't find any opens anywhere. Both coils had the same resistance but I'm not sure that's a valid measurement with the pickup still wired into the circuit. I wouldn't mind keeping the preamp. So, what aftermarket pickup sounds closest to the factory pickup?
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    Nordstrand probably. It's modeled after the more vintage sounding Stingray pickup's.

    Duncan's a bit on the more aggressive side.
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    Feb 20, 2009
    what was that measurement?

    'ray coils are as far as i know usually about 4kΩ each; with both working, you should get around 2kΩ, the parallel result; if you got around 4kΩ, then one coil was open and you were just reading the other coil.

    (the one coil being quiet for the tap test is a pretty good clue that something's wrong, though.)
  7. Yeah, i think the fact that it sounds lame and also fails the tap test pretty much means it's T.U.
    No worries, i picked up the nordy in the acc. section shown above. I'm gonna wire it up to the stock three band but i like the idea of pairing it with the nordy mm 2 band pre.