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TRADED Stingray Slo HS matching headstock, flame maple neck

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by vonstauffer2112, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. vonstauffer2112


    Jun 9, 2014
    Mint stingray

    Slo Special refers to the city they are made in CA (where all MM are made actually and noted on the back of the headstock) Slo’s just have slimmer neck profile like a Jazz or Sterling. Making for easier playing and less fatigue.

    Took this as a trade but I have a stingray 30th anniversary 5 string and it sounds so close to this one its redundant. I was surprised, I know the pre amp and pu are different but that that is actually a good thing in the sense you will get a great sounding bass. Super phat without that troublesome stingray clank, think Tony Levin on Sledgehammer or even Sleepless!

    The previous owner weighed it on a bathroom scale at 10lbs with a note that the scale was "crappy" I know my 5 weighs 10.1 and this is noticeably lighter.

    Available for straight sale or trade of only the following items. Trade basses must also be in mint condition

    Fender Elite Jazz 4 in black or clear w/maple fb (if clear the seam on the body (if not a single piece) must be in the middle my OCD can't deal with an offset seem)

    Fender USA Geddy (if you have one of the limited red ones I'll even throw in some cash on my end)

    1399 + Shipping conus only

    OHSC and case candy included. Also a spare white pearl pickguard

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