Stingray w/fretless Moses neck, VGC - $800

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  1. Natural with black pickguard and chrome hardware. I got this bass about 7 years ago from Dan Lakin, back when Laklands were just a twinkle in his eye.:D

    The neck is a Moses graphite lined fretless, and I've never had to adjust it. The case is probably original - the bass fits in it perfectly. It looks just like a Tolex Fender case. The only flaw is some *shallow* scuff marks in the finish on the back of the bass. There are two small scratched areas on the outside of the case.

    I'm going all 5-string, and need to lighten the load. $725 + shipping to the lower 48. Paypal preferred.

    Email to

    Picture below, more pics HERE
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  3. The price has been reduced to $725.

    The tone is amazing on this bass - think Pino Palladino.
    The neck is J-bass width, and very comfortable. It's been my regular axe for years - there's just not enough strings for me anymore. If you're looking for a 4-string fretless, this is it.