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Stingray5 for Lakland Skyline JO5, Should I or Shouldn't I?????

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by FunkySpoo, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. FunkySpoo

    FunkySpoo Supporting Member

    Feb 6, 2002
    I think I'm falling out of love with my SR5
    I find myself constantly trying to tame all that zing.

    I think I want something with a darker mellower tone.

    Question is: Is it a stupid to trade an American made SR5 for a Korean made Skyline JO5.

    I'm also considering going with the Skyline hollowbody and going back to a 4 banger.

    :help: , please advise.

    P.S. I haven't played any Laklands since there aren't any dealers around here.
  2. bovinehost

    bovinehost Supporting Member

    Dec 5, 2002
    Endorsing Artist: Ernie Ball Music Man/Sterling By Music Man
    Don’t know much about the JO5s – are they even out yet? I do like the JO 4s, but if you’re happy with the SR5 except for the zing, do what I do – slap some TI Flats or LaBella Deep Talking Flats on there. You’ll be very surprised if you’ve never tried it.
  3. FunkySpoo

    FunkySpoo Supporting Member

    Feb 6, 2002
    Hey Bovine, how's it going? I've tried the LaBellas and I do like them except for the low B. Things just kinda got all blurry and didn't speak clearly.

    I haven't tried the TI Flats yet though.

    The JO5 has been out for about a year. It's the DJ5 that's coming out soon.
  4. McHack


    Jul 29, 2003
    Central Ohio!
    Yea, re-string it... SR5's are sweet. I use a Skyline 55-01, & love it. I'm sure you'd love a J05, but, dumping an SR5 for a Skyline is bound to cost you some money, when you probably won't need to...

    What strings ARE you using?
  5. FunkySpoo

    FunkySpoo Supporting Member

    Feb 6, 2002
    Normally I use DR High Beams or Fat Beams. But that was when I really liked all the zing and growl.

    Since then I've tried the Labella Flats and their black tape wounds. Chromes and the half rounds.
    All those I liked alot on the E,A,D,&G strings but the B always sounded undefined.

    The SR5's tone was tamed some when I switched to my new Demeter VTB 201s pre-amp.

    I guess I'm looking for a more vintage tone but I haven't found a Fender 5 that I like.

    That's why I thought maybe a Skyline Lakland would do the trick since a USA lakland is way out of my price range
  6. cheezewiz

    cheezewiz Supporting Member

    Mar 27, 2002
    Pretty even trade Rick..regardless of where they are made.
  7. Rick, have you tried Elixirs yet?

    Elixirs, roll off the treble and play between the pup and the neck. I haven't played any Laklands yet, but you have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat a Stingray 5.

    That Hollow-body Skyline you're looking at is pretty nice: http://www.lakland.com/frames/basses_frame.html

    Musiciansfriend has them listed for $1,119.99, but they're not due in until July 26th!

    Good luck.

  8. Therapeutic

    Therapeutic Supporting Member

    Dec 7, 2002
    Red Bank, NJ
    I just put Elixir Nanowebs on my SR5 and love them - they sound great. No way I'd trade my SR5.
  9. I donno, I see as it about an even trade. I'd trade (plus cash on my end) for a Lakland 55-02, which is the 2nd in line under the 55-94/USA, my Spector NS5, and never got any bites, but I'm selling it outright to finance that purchase.

    I'd check out those basses instead. The 55-01's aren't that great, as when compared to the -02's and -94's, from what I've heard. They don't have the J/MM Bartolini and preamp setup, and that's what you'd probably like better if you currently have a MM5. So, anyhow, yeah. Check that out, as it's a more comparable instrument, I think than the JO5.
  10. FunkySpoo

    FunkySpoo Supporting Member

    Feb 6, 2002
    Well I decided to keep the SR5.

    It's just too good a bass to trade.

    Maybe I'll just get another bass that has the warmer rounder sound I'm looking.

    The Skyline hollowbody5 is due out in the near future.

    That would give me a real change in tone.
  11. alembicbones


    Nov 10, 2000
    Seattle, WA

    I think you are wise to keep the Stingray. It's a really fine bass. My suggestion however is to save up the scratch and pick up a Skyline JO5. It's a fantastic sounding jazz bass and is probably the best bang for the buck. My band mates always compliment me on the tone I generate from my JO5 (and this is in comparison to my high end Alembic).

    Best Wishes,
  12. bovinehost

    bovinehost Supporting Member

    Dec 5, 2002
    Endorsing Artist: Ernie Ball Music Man/Sterling By Music Man
    Rick, for what it's worth, I've used (or am still using) flats on a number of SR5s and even a Bongo 5er with dual humbuckers.

    I think the TI Flats have a great B string. I have them right now on three fivers - the Bongo and two Rumblefishies. The B is as tight and focused as the Fat Beams I had on the Bongo earlier and better than the Slinkys that came on the bass.

    I also talked Armybass into putting the TIs on his beloved funk machine SR5, which as far as I know had never seen flats. You'd have to ask him, but I believe he has experienced some sort of epiphany.

    You never know - might be right up your alley, might not, but strings are cheaper than another bass.

    Um, not that I personally would try to talk anyone out of owning more basses, heh heh.

  13. hands5


    Jan 15, 2003
    good 'ol USA/Tampa fla.
    I think if you just hang-out a little you'd be able to find a used american made JO5 for a real good price. Although the SR5 that I had was not my favorite bass I sure as hell was not going to trade it for any of the Skyline models.
  14. FunkySpoo

    FunkySpoo Supporting Member

    Feb 6, 2002
    I have some Lakland flats coming. If they're not to my liking then I'll try the TI flats.

    The only reason I haven't tried them yet is their low tension.

    The A and D string tensions are like 8 pounds less than most other strings.

    The B string tension is nearly the same as other B strings.

    I've heard lots of people like them.

    Armybass has a thread about the TI's and I asked him about the clarity of the B string but he hasn't replied.
  15. McHack


    Jul 29, 2003
    Central Ohio!
    My sentiment, exactly.
  16. ted13


    Mar 12, 2004
    montreal quebec
    i have had these dilemmas before as well, i have owned 3 stingrays 2 5's and 1 4 and those are all gone now i do currently hace a sterling 4 which i like more than the others i've owned. but now to my point the lakland JO' s just feel and sound great. no doubt about it. i've played all sorts of laklands and fenders and whatever and the joe osborn has a great feel looks great and the fralins are unreal. i don't think yo can go wrong. although i haven't tried a JO 5 yet so don't hold me to it. i am just a huge supporter of the 4. :hyper:
  17. armybass

    armybass Gold Supporting Member

    Jul 19, 2001
    The truth is spoken here.

    Sorry, I did not get a personal message about the TI's....must have missed it. The B String is every bit as clear and solid on my SR5 with the TI's as it has been with the DR Hi Beams. :bassist:
  18. FunkySpoo

    FunkySpoo Supporting Member

    Feb 6, 2002
  19. armybass

    armybass Gold Supporting Member

    Jul 19, 2001
    Duh! I just saw it man...Sorry about that Rick. I think you will dig the strings. They totally changed my SR5. I loved it before but now I want two....well, I have always wanted two. Infact at once I had three at one time....lol.
  20. bovinehost

    bovinehost Supporting Member

    Dec 5, 2002
    Endorsing Artist: Ernie Ball Music Man/Sterling By Music Man
    Can you believe I am down to ZERO Stingray fivers? That isn't right at all. But hey Scott, I just got that Burnt Apple 'Ray all set up and strung with TIs and it do rocketh, yea, and verily so.


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