Stingray5 HH Wiring

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  1. Edulpn


    Apr 26, 2019
    Hey everybody,

    I'm new to this forum, so bear with me...
    I'm building this Stingray5 inspired bass for some time now, abandoned the build for some years and now I'm going to resume building.
    The body has been routed several years in the past for two Music Man style humbuckers (I already have both pickups too), so even that my nowadays self is tempted to go single H it's not an option due to my past self decisions.
    So, introductions made, I'd like to wire the pickups like the current Stingray5 Special HH:


    I understand that will require some kind of 5 way switch (probably one of those 4P5T superswitches) and I'd rather not use extra switches for selecting coils. I also would like to use a Music Man inspired 3 band preamp (like a John East MMSR, for example).

    So, here are some questions:
    - Since all the electronics are already on the preamp circuit (volume and eq), I understand that it'd be just a matter of wiring the pickups to the switch "inputs" and the switch "outputs" to the preamp input (considering a preamp like the John East MMSR that has a single input wire. Schematics for it can be found here). How wrong would I be to assume this?
    - Do I need to add any extra electronic components (resistor, caps and whatnot) so that the switch output levels match the preamp specs?

    Best Regards!