Sting's "Broken Music"

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    Mar 3, 2004
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    Who has read Sting's memoir, Broken Music? I brought it with me to Cape Town, South Africa for a conference to read before I got down to business and I was blown away by the book. It is wonderful on many levels, but I think that it is a must read for any serious musician because Sting really goes into great detail about the everyday grind of being a working musician and how he worked to get it to snuff as a bassist, singer, and song writer.
    It also has a great section about his reaction to being an opening act for Return to Forever when Stanley Clarke was just bursting onto the scene! Great book.
  2. It is indeed a great book. I like all the stuff about his previous band Last Exit, the cruise ship gigs, etc... Sting really keeps things in perspective through the book. He's a great writer, but then again he was an English teacher, so he should be.