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  1. I just got a second p bass. It is one of the '06 FSR ash bodied MIM p basses. (Love it!) I also have a '10 MIM p bass. I bought them both used but am fairly certain they're both stock. The ash body has a rosewood board and the '10 has a maple board. I know those things affect tone but that brings me to my question:

    How much variation is there with stock fender p bass pickups? The FSR has noticeably more gain and high mids. I have to adjust the gain knob by at least 3. The pickups are the same distance from the strings so I know thats not it. Is this common?
  2. I take it it was a foolish question?
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  4. Thanks for that thread. That's going to be helpful when I change out the pickup for sure. But to clarify, both basses are stock MIM fenders and have wildly different tones and outputs yet the specs on both say"standard p pickup". Have others noticed such a variation or should I be thinking one of the pickups is in fact not stock?
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    I'm not familiar with those in particular. You could check the spec sheet on Fender's website and see if Fender differentiates them by name. They also could vary from year to year.
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    Fender used a lot of duff pickups around that time period. I have no idea what are in your bass, but the ones in my AmStd Precision from 09 were totally mid scooped crap-meisters, so I can't hold out much hope for the ones in your 10. Used to be totally against modding American Fenders until I got that bass. Love the way it feels and looks, hated that pickup.
  7. While I know for sure what Jimmy will say, should I just bite the bullet and get the Geezer EMGs?
  8. I'm really happy with the Duncan qtr pounders in my 78' (I have the originals )and stock pups are and have been fine.. just wanted to hear something different.