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Stolen basses and other gear in Montreal

Discussion in 'Lost & Stolen Gear' started by johnnyvenom, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. johnnyvenom


    Jul 25, 2004
    Monreal, QC
    Hey all,

    On Tuesday, November 11 my apartment was broken into in Montreal, QC and a lot of gear was stolen, including a bass I bought off here a few years ago. I'm working with police and local music stores and pawn shops, and putting the word out here too. If you hear or see any of this gear, PLEASE contact me and/or the Montreal police asap.

    My contact info: (505) 690-7746 or [email protected]
    SPVM - Montreal police: (514) 280-2222 - refer to Case #: MTLEV140164591

    Here's a list of the music equipment taken (also computers, hard drives and other electronics were stolen). Photos below.

    Bass guitar: Lakland Skyline Vintage J 5-string custom. (photo) Sunburst finish with tortoise pick guard. Nordstrand P/J pickups in custom configuration. Étui de transport black Fender/SWR avec autocollants.

    Bass guitar: Carvin BB5 5-string. (photo) Bunny Brunel Signature Series. Flame maple top. Étui de transport black Fender/SKB.

    Electric guitar: Schecter Custom Koa Telecaster. (photo) One-of-a-kind custom built Hawaiian Koa wood Telecaster, 3 Seymour Duncan Humbuckers.

    Bass amplifier: Gallein-Krueger 1001RB head. (photo) Étui de transport Anvil 2-space rack mount road case.

    MIDI Keyboard: M-Audio Oxygen 25. 2-octave MIDI controller, in M-Audio backpack carrying case.

    Double bass soft case. Black ripstop nylon cloth case for upright bass.

    Double bass bows (2). German grip

    Yamaha Foot pedals. Damper pedal and volume pedal for electric keyboard.

    Thanks y'all. It's a super sad day.. Hoping these turn up somewhere soon.

    lakland.jpg J1536x2048-01177.jpg
    IMG_2105.jpg IMG_0073.jpg
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