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Stolen - Elrick 6 and Ibanez Custom Fretless - Canada

Discussion in 'Lost & Stolen Gear' started by Rod Harder, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. Rod Harder

    Rod Harder Supporting Member

    Hey everyone,
    This is an email from a pal here in Edmonton who had the misfortune of having his gear ripped off a couple of months ago from his CHURCH and still nothing has turned up, please be on the lookout for these basses, and call the #at the bottom of the page if you know or see anything, or PM/email me directly.


    Rod Harder

    Here's the description of the basses that were taken and his contact #

    1) Elrick fretted six string bass
    -Walnut body with burled maple top and neck, rosewood fretboard
    -Black hipshot hardware
    -Bartoilini NTMB pickups
    -Club bass platinum strings (light blue string post wrapping)
    -Black strap with strap locks, pin attached to strap saying "BASS"

    2) Ibanez fretless six string bass
    -Alder body and neck, black finish, rosewood fingerboard with marine epoxy
    on fretboard
    -Bartolini passive X6 pickups, wired the "Gary Willis" way; no tone controls
    in use
    -Aluminum shims between neck and body
    -Club bass platinum strings (light blue string post wrapping)
    -Various stickers; 'IKEA' on headstock, 'The Big Breakfast' sticker on body,
    other small stickers on the tone and volume controls
    -Rainbow strap with MEC strap locks, and a red pin saying "WRONG"
    -i don't have the serial number for this one...

    Thanks, I would really like to get my boys back soon.
    Please call me if you know anything,
    Ian Hunter
    780.905.3585 (cell)