Stolen guitar linked to Buddy Holly

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    San Antonians - we sure like to take things from people


    NEW: Police track down stolen guitar linked to Buddy Holly

    By Zeke MacCormack
    Express-News Staff Writer

    Web Posted : 09/17/2003 10:26 AM

    Boerne police say they have located a stolen 1925 Gibson guitar that reportedly was played on stage with Buddy Holly and could be worth as much as $150,000.

    Sgt. Mark Busbee said today that charges are being prepared against two of the owners’ “friends” who reportedly took it Aug. 8 from a residence where it was stored.

    After the theft was discovered Aug. 29, calls to area music stores showed a San Antonio firm had bought it for $700 from one of the suspects and sent it to Tennessee for refurbishment. No work had been done on it, and the company was expected to ship the guitar back to Texas this week, Busbee said.

    He said the instrument wasn’t insured despite its claimed lineage.

    “Supposedly, it was played with Buddy Holly by a relative of the owner who is in the California Country Music Hall of Fame,” Busbee said. "The value is between $100,000 and 150,000."

    The owner could not be reached.
  2. meh, at least it wasnt a bass then it would actually be something worth worrying over;) actually thats really poopy, whoever owns it should get it back.
  3. Don't steal. It's bad for you and me.
  4. Lucky for of us with higher end gear it's all pretty unique so even if it's stolen anyone trying to sell it to a pawn shop better well be prepared to go a couple hundred miles.
  5. I heard that it was a STEAL guitar, and that Barry Gibb's son had his eye on it. :D

  6. Thor

    Thor Gold Supporting Member In Memoriam

    If you had told the old lady what it was, she wouldn't have taken it from the garage and chucked it out with the recycling.


    Oh, I didn't realize you never heard of Buddy Holly, sorry!

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