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Stolen Items: Costa Mesa, CA

Discussion in 'Lost & Stolen Gear' started by kulit17, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. kulit17

    kulit17 Wal Collector #35 Supporting Member

    NOT MINE......

    *edit just realized it was a year ago with updates on that thread...but just a heads up anyways......

    Absolutely gutted by this finding in one of the Ric forums and this would personally be my worst nightmare........I'm not from his area but hoping to help this guy find his gear and catch the perpetrator.......

    Rickresource Rickenbacker Forum • View topic - Newly stolen items *ALERT*


    by Gary Clauson (doctorwho) » Tue Dec 27, 2016 5:48 am
    I apologize in advance for having some non-Rickenbacker items in this post, but I wanted to be thorough in this matter.

    On December 7th I went to my controlled-temperature storage unit to retrieve an instrument for use. When I got to my unit, the lock had been changed, so I went to the office. After determining that they had NOT changed the lock, they said that the called me on Oct 23rd because the door went up without my having punched my PIN into the system (I never got that call or a voice mail, FWIW). We went back to the unit, they broke the lock that was on it, I raised, the door, and ... all the guitars inside were gone. Thirty-four, or so, if I include a couple not-particularly-valuable ones. The thieves got 20 Rickenbackers, but after filing the police report (which took until Friday the 9th), I went on Saturday to Guitar Center in Fountain Valley, and they had the 4000 FL BG. The next day, the manager at FV GC called and said that he thought that he had located the 4080 JG at the Orange GC, which I confirmed in person as being mine. Just today I found a possible lead for another one or two at a local pawn shop (they were closed today, so I have to go back on Tuesday to investigate further).

    I have assembled the information all of the guitars and basses stolen from the unit and am posting the information here and in the Guitars section. Rather than take numerous posts to post all of the pictures and information, I have created the condensed form in the images below.




    I can provide better pictures if needed, of course, and the Rickenbackers are in the Register with more pictures, too, and I have flagged them as Stolen therein.

    FWIW, I was working on some of these, so they will be in need of a luthier or someone who can do some minor fixes. The two 620 MIDs had the pickups and other hardware reattached and were awaiting me to solder the pickups to the wiring harness. The 310 LH JG had a loose bridge because I needed to make the right-handed replacement into a left-handed version (it had been modded with a Tune-A-Matic). On the 4001 FG (1973, checked binding), I had removed the after-market pickup and was getting ready to dig out the wood filler prior to putting a Rickenbacker replacement pickup in the bridge position. The 331 LS needed a neck adjustment and some minor rewiring for the lights, and I have the replacement transformer here with me (it wouldn't fit in the case). The 4002 is missing a dot marker (I don't remember which fret). The Ovation Breadwinner had a problem with the pickups coming unglued from their mounting plates, so it was disassembled for that repair; IIRC, I have the original tortoise shell pick guard here with me somewhere.

    If anyone comes across (or have already come across, being that the thieves had a two-month head start) any of these, please contact the Irvine Police Department at 949-724-7000, and refer to Case Number 16-18650.
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