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Stolen, Parts Precision PJ style Bass, Philly area

Discussion in 'Lost & Stolen Gear' started by Precisionb87, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. A friend of mine had his car stolen about a month ago. Unfortunately he had his bass in it at the time. The car was recovered, but the bass was not.
    The incident was reported to the police at the time, but it seemed like the bass was a goner...
    It popped up on Craigslist about a week ago, but was unfortunately sold (for a measly $75) before we noticed the listing today.
    It's a parts bass, so it isn't worth a lot, he would just really like to recover it because it holds sentimental value (and he happened to really enjoy playing it too).
    Here is the photo from the Craigslist post: stolen bass.

    Here are some of the specs:
    Neck: USA Custom Guitars Bass neck (fender-style, no decal)
    Victor Wooten's autograph on back of headstock!
    Owners name written in neck pocket "built for Will M____)

    Body: Precision style, stained red/brown
    P/J pickup configuration

    Neck pickup: Seymore Duncan SPB-1 (P-bass style)
    Bridge: Dimarzio (Jazz bass style, model number unknown)
    Bridge: Leo Quan Bass Ass II
    Pickguard: Gold anodized 50's precison style)
    Controls: Passive, volume for each pickup, no tone control.

    If anybody has any info, or happens to come across it in your travels, please post here or PM me. I realize that the person that currently has the bass probably has no idea it was stolen. Thanks everyone.

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