Stoner metal bassist, looking for input on 6-string pickups

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    Nov 30, 2017
    Howdy! I'm in the process of buying a Woodo X6 Black Ash. It'll be fitted with a flatwound F#0 standard set from octave4plus. It'll also be modded to have stereo output like a Rickenbacker. The bass is 35" with 17mm string spacing. It'll be routed out to fit the new pickups, though the stock pickups are 115mm × 28mm so I guess that's a minimum.

    I'm a bedroom bassist looking to mostly play solo bass music inspired by Om, Sleep, Electric Wizard, Kyuss, SubRosa, and so on, just a tad lower. So very bass heavy with lots of low mids, but also a decent bit of flair and not just plain bass. The coherence is kind of hard to nail down, I think -- I don't want it incredibly punchy but obviously it can't be a plain mess, especially if it's bass-centric music.

    I've found three appealing choices so far:
    • Nordstrand Big Splits
    • Nordstrand Big Blades (warm and woolly)
    • Bartolini xxP46M-B/T (split coil)
    The Nordstrands after consulting with their support and the latter through deciphering the ancient tomes of Bartolini's webshop. I'm open to other manufacturers, of course, but I don't really know what other brands to check out.

    Currently leaning towards the Big Blades, but I feel like I haven't given the other two a proper look. I'm not great at finding demos, it seems. Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!
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