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    Feb 7, 2001
    some of the greats had "just blues "albums out The Rolling Stones,Hendrix and others I know they have strong Blues influences but did they have specific BLUES ALBUMS only?
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    Yes, I have a Jimi Hendrix album which is strictly blues. Please note however, that this is a postmortem compilation of his blues stylings rather than a purely blues album he especially recorded.

    Jimi Hendrix "Blues", original release date, April 1994.
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    I was just going through some of my blues albums and saw this one. I'm not sure it is what you are after, but I really enjoy this two-disk blues album.

    Eric Clapton "Blues".

    By the way, who would be some of the "other greats" you refer to? Led Zeppelin? The Beatles? Dylan?
  5. The BBC sessions *Led Zeppelin* has many dedicated blues songs. Its worth checking out for that.

    The Who LIVE AT LEEDS sounds A LOT more bluesy then the recorded stuff.
  6. The Stones' 'Exile On Main Street' is pretty much a straight out blues album.
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    Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
    Oliver Nelson - Screamin the Blues/Blues and the abstract Truth.
    Coltrane plays the Blues,