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  1. I went to a local storage facility that was auctioning some units . There were only a few of us there and we looked at the units and made "sealed bids" on them. You has one shot at winning and I got lucky with a WTH bid. I got this for $250.

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  2. Rusted up early 90's Mustang?
  3. Thomas Kievit

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    May 19, 2012
    Looks good. Though I never would go for a car.. You know, too much change that things ''under the hood'' are gonna cost you a fortune. But, if you can restore the car for a decent price and then sale it for let's say 6k-9k, you did a very good job :D
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    I would have bid on that. Thats a prime canidate to make into a nasty little street car.
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    Correction: rusted up mid 90's mustang. That's the SN95 platform. It's the first body style of that platform which ran from '94-'98.
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    May 14, 2007
    I like it, if you restore it you should post some before and afters
  7. I can think of a lot of fun things to do with a car that I got for $250. Some of them are even legal :)
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    Nice score bro. You could have opened the door and found bags of garbage. What do you have planned for your new ride?

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    What´s in the trunk?

    a dead body in plastic bags or the loot of some liquor store robbery ?
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    I spent years in the storage business overseeing a bunch of locations. Before the advent of "storage wars" it was a totally different business. I saw some amazingly cool rooms go for sale over the years and also lots and lots of trash.
  11. Several years ago I was working in the construction industry and my boss decided to go to a storage auction, he ended up buying a locker that had three skids of nails for power nailers for a couple hundred dollars, it was worth thousands.

  12. If you part it out, you could most likely double or triple your money.
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    Feb 16, 2011
    Some states don't allow title transfer if a car is bought for salvage. Better check your local laws and see what's up before you spend any more cash.