Storing a Bass Rig

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Rope, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. Rope


    May 27, 2003
    Essexville, MI
    I've recently moved my family in with relatives after relocating from Europe. It looks like we will be here a couple of months while we wait for our furniture to arrive and to get a place of our own.

    Due to space issues, it looks like I might need to put some of my bulkier gear into local storage. I've rented a self store unit, arranged insurance and moved a number of "non-persihable" items.

    I am wondering if there are any concerns with putting my bass rig into this storage unit? It is not climate controlled. Michigan can experience some weather fluctuations, but it is pretty mild. Any precautions you would recommend?
  2. Mcrelly


    Jun 16, 2003
    Minnesota, USA
    I have no sure fire ideas but this is what I'd be thinking of POSSIBLY doing.

    Is the storage area in a low or high area for rain flooding? at least keep them off the ground a bit, on top of other stuff or 2x4s or cinder blocks.

    Do you have the original boxes? put them in there, seal it with box tape? or SEAL stuff in heavy plastic?

    2nd to last option: find TB'er in Michigan you can trust and keep it with them, sorry I'm in Minnesota 20hrs away! ;) You can also make new friends this way! Check with forum or other forums.

    LAST OPTION: maybe its time to sell? get new stuff later? except your favorite stuff, like guitars...

    Good luck!
  3. thumbtrap


    Jun 26, 2003
    Plug the ports! Mice can get into ANYTHING, and they love shelter, fluffy stuff, paper and foam - all things in abundance in your average bass cabinet.
  4. good advice. I'd like to add: keep tract of humidty. It can rust anything metal, and can do a real number on electronics.
  5. secretdonkey


    Oct 9, 2002
    Austin, TX
    Good suggestions so far. Aside from rodents and insects, your biggest enemy to speakers is temperature and humidity swings and extremes. I would be very hesitant to do this in the hot, steamy climate where I live, but you might be okay until seasons change.

    FWIW, I know bands down here who permanently store amps and PA in their trailer (ie, no climate control) despite the unfavorable conditions, without any major problems.

    Good luck in settling in and finding permanent digs!