Storing bows for later use

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    I didn’t see a post that specifically dealt with this issue of rosin/bow storage…

    I’ve gathered a small collection of bows I really enjoy using. To maintain my sanity, I prefer to use only 2 at a time, depending on repertoire. I’ve found that the ones that I don’t use for several weeks/months require 3-5 days to get back to playing level. They either have a lot of rosin build-up (on my orchestra bows especially) that can take days to get out of the hair or they take several days to accept rosin properly. Does anyone have any suggestions for maintaining bow hair properly for storage. I think it goes beyond just wiping the hair after final use, but I’m open to suggestions! In an ideal world, I’d really like to be able to play any bow with minimal “re-breaking in.” Thanks.
  2. Do you store them in the cases?
    Have you tried keeping them in the open air, like a wall-mounted coat rack?
  3. Don’t store bows in cases. A dark cool environment is ideal for mites that subsist on the hair.

    Horsehair is hair and can be shampooed. When the hair on my bows gets gunked up I clean it with unscented baby shampoo and warm water, taking care not to get the wood wet, and hang them up to air-dry.
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    You can also (gently) use a vacuum cleaner to remove old rosin dust from the hair.
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    3 - 5 days to get back to playing level? You are much more patient than me. I use sticky Pops on bows that have not been played for a few days. It wakes them up. Normally I use a hard Swedish rosin and my favourite bow often does not need rosin. The unplayed bows need sticky rosin to come to life. I hang my 6 bows on the wall and try to rotate through them.
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    Anyone got pictures of their bow-hanging apparatuses ? My practice space is at the entrance to our house and I need to make any such setup aesthetically acceptable to the review committee , as well as present plans before installation.
    And before you wags start in, they don’t complain about practicing time or volume. I’ll take that tradeoff ;-)
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    So I find this an interesting thread, but what about tension for long term storage/inactivity with a bow.
  9. Just slack the hair.
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    A Harbor Freight angle-grinder gets the rosin off very quickly! Plus, they're inexpensive.

    (jk) ;)