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  1. I may be over thinking this (a common thing for me), but I just bought a new roll of black veneer. It's currently rolled up inside its packaging. The last roll I had ended up splintering into pieces along grain lines (which is probably due to the number of times it got moved).

    What's the best way to store it? I feel like rolling and re-rolling it every time I use it will lead to splitting. Leaving it completely unrolled is probably best for longevity, but it's unwieldy. I suppose I could cut it up, but considering it will be used in necks and bodies I don't want to commit to cutting it.

    Anyone have a good solution?
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    Roll it, wrap the outer in paper / card and tape it so that it doesn't unroll and the tension doesn't change. The put it in a nice big see through plastic box with a lid so you can stack things on it and can see what's inside it. The lid will also keep out moisture and keep things consistent in the box. Put cardboard in the bottom of the box to dry up any moisture and then store the box off the ground in your shed / garage. It should be good for years and years and years. I've got veneers like this in storage for well over 20 years.
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  3. I guess it's something I don't need to worry about this time around. As I opened this roll I found they rolled it with a piece of corrugated cardboard. I just cut off what I needed and put a clamp on the edge to keep it rolled. I could also use a zip tie or string to do the same thing. In the future I could do something similar if the laminate comes rolled against itself.
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