Storytime! (Ibanez SR640TI)

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  1. Avinion


    Jul 30, 2021
    Hi guys!

    Back in 2014, I wandered into my local family owned music shop with my brother. I had been interested in learning bass for a while, but I knew nothing about the instrument or the music. My eye was immediately drawn to a BEAUTIFUL purple sparkle 4-string Ibanez on the wall. It was a few days from my birthday, and to my surprise, my brother offered to buy it for me. I thought this was a current model Ibanez that was new stock. Again, I knew nothing about model numbers or what exactly I was buying. The bass was purchased and we went on our way.

    In 2016, my now ex girlfriend had this bass stored in her dad's pawn shop as we moved across the country. Little did I know, this would be the last time I would see my beautiful bass(or so I thought).

    Last year I decided to get back into music. I purchased a Schecter Stiletto Studio 5(also purple), but I had a tremendous longing for my Ibanez. I spent DAYS of research trying to figure out what my original Ibanez was with the hopes of buying another. My local music shop was now closed down, so they weren't going to be of any help. In an event just shy of a miracle, I found my bass in an old Ibanez catalog. It was an SR640 in Titanium Ice... from 2000-2001. There was no chance I was going to find this bass again. One showed up months later on Reverb, but it was beat to hell(rightfully so for 20 years old, but I wanted my flawless one).

    I finally bit the bullet and reached out to my ex. Amazingly enough, her family still had it in storage and they were willing to give it back to me. So began a year long back and forth of them jerking me around and not providing the bass. Well, as of today, I can FINALLY say that I have been reunited with my Ibanez SR640TI. She's just as flawless as she was the day I got her from the shop. 14 years sitting on display at a music shop, two years ignored in a case, then five years in storage. I feel like a little kid on Christmas.

    Serial number shows a production month of July 2000 at the FugjiGen Gakki factory in Japan. The pictures REALLY don't do her justice. ❤ 20210803_221900.jpg 20210803_221919.jpg 20210803_221900.jpg 20210803_221919.jpg 20210803_221930.jpg

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    Aug 10, 2022
    I love mine such great sound same colour too! I wonder how many were made? What they're even worth? 20221220174424__MG_1394.jpg 1000010370.jpg 20221220174424__MG_1394.jpg 1000010370.jpg