Strained Tendons in your wrists

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  1. I haven't been able to play my bass for about a month now because of what was diagnosed as strained tendons in both my wrists (I had to move slate slabs weighing over 100 lbs each for mandatory community service day at college).

    Has anybody else had this injury or something similar and how long did it take them to heal for you? I played about 5 minutes yesterday and had quite a bit of pain after, but not while playing.
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    I had tendonitis in my wrists from weight lifting as well.

    My advice would be to wear a solid brace on your wrists and just rest them. If you overdo it, you may not realize it at the time, but you'll feel it the next day.

    I was lucky in that I was still able to play bass (although, with neoprene braces on my wrists)... it took about two months to go away to the point where I could play without the braces, although I can still feel it from time to time, and I can't lift weights anymore without pain.

    Be very careful with this. Tendon problems have ended many a career. Good luck!
  3. I'm also a weight lifter, and I haven't even touched a weight since then. I had some problems before from olympic style training (power cleans, jerks, snatches), but nothing major. I do have some braces from that I can try wearing. It might help some.

    That's my biggest worry. I love playing my bass, and tendon problems will eliminate by ability to play most other instruments as well.
  4. do your wrists crack when you tense them up?
  5. i am still suffering from this, aqnd it is quite bad in my left, buty obviously not as bad as yours!

    have you been to a specialist? i think you should go! you may have something that can be fixed, and they will give you some good directions in warming up.

    try this; message under warm-hot water. make sure your arms are actually warm and cosy, like under a jumper. messahe the muscles and fingers, then start stretching; bending back VERY GENTLY then clenched first, and so on. then do circles with your wrist and see how possible that is!

    once you aren't feeling the pain play scales, very slowly; i.e. 80 b.p.m., feel your mucles stretching across the fretboard, etc.!

    this all could take up to an hour; you could be doing the messaging for up to 20-30mins, you know! keep at it! hope this helps. you can doa search in the misc + technique forum for more info!

  6. I'm currently at college and the doctor health services referred me to is supposed to be some sort of specialist for musicians and the like. I'm making another appointment tomorrow to see him again.

    They don't crack when I tense them up, but they do crack quite often when I'm doing stuff. It's to the point where I'm getting some tingling in my fingers sometimes which is very bad. I've started wearing my weightlifting wrist braces most of the time now.
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