Strange crackling noise coming through my cab

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  1. Sturg


    Nov 29, 2013
    Please don't blast me for posting here. I have a strange issue and wasn't exactly sure where to post so I just put it here.

    I practice bass in my downstairs game room and use a old, incandescent bulb, pull chain floor lamp to see. The strange crackling noise happens whenever I reach up and touch the chain with my fingers, with everything plugged in and running.

    What could be causing this noise? Could it be a grounding issue with the bass, or instrument cable?

    Some other details:
    I have a Fender passive bass, Avatar SB126 cab, and a KXB-500 Kustom amp.

    I don't think it has to do with the outlet, as we just had a dedicated line put in just for my amp. All other electrical items in this room are plugged into other outlets. The noise, however, happens no matter where I plug in my amp. I explained this prob. to the electrician that installed the new plug, but he had never heard of my issue. Also, I called Avatar about it and they said that I may have "dirty" power and should use a Furman power conditioner to solve the problem. I am not sure that this would solve anything as I mentioned that I have this problem regardless of where I plug in the amp.

    Any ideas about how to get rid of the crackling?
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    Apr 21, 2014
    Arbutus, MD
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    Strange things like that happen when connections aren't tight. For instance the screws on the lamp fixture could be a little loose, or the wires to a receptacle across the room, but on the same circuit, could be loose. by loose I don't mean falling off loose, but not tightened to spec loose. Many newer houses, or even added receptacles in older homes often have the wires stabbed in the receptacle rather than screwed, that in and of itself can cause the problems you are experiencing. Just because you had a dedicated outlet installed don't discount the possibility that it could be the new circuit that is loose. From your description I suspect the circuit the light is on. Are you handy, you want some instruction; or will you call an electrician?
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