Strange pink Kay bass with metal bridge, tailpiece

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  1. When I was in Ashland, Oregon, last month, I rented a double bass at the local strings shop. While I was in the shop, I saw something unusual. A pink double bass with a metal bridge and tailpiece. I think aluminum. The shop owner was repairing the bass. He thought it was an old Kay because the headstock scrolls had long ago fallen off. Here are a couple of pictures.

    IMG_0987.JPG IMG_0989.JPG IMG_0987.JPG
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  2. Sounds like a Prince song.
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  3. GretschWretch

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    The bridge adjusters cinch it. It's Bootsy's double bass.
  4. james condino

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    Deuce bridge, Chinese aluminum tailpiece that has been stripped, Krivo pickup. They all look like old Kays. What shop is this?

    I have a lot of good memories from Ashland. 'Plenty of incredible shows just outside of there at the beautiful outdoor Britt festival in Jacksonville: drinking wine & eating fresh local pizza while sitting front row watching Stanley Clark, Bela Fleck, and Jean Luc Ponty trio and numerous others.....
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  5. I wish I had been at those concerts. The shop is Bellwood Violin on Hersey Street near downtown Ashland, Oregon.
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    Modern rockabilly replacement setup. The pickup is indeed a Krivo magnetic pickup. Could be a Kay or possibly an Englehardt.
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    That's a Deuce-II bridge, the more recent design CNC'ed out of billet aluminum, reported to be currently out of production. The earlier welded Deuce-I design may still be in limited production, if so, built in pre-sold batches by @Red Brown.

    Here's my Deuce-I bridge (accompanied by a custom Deuce tailpiece):

    P.S. In the OP pics, the bridge wing pickup installed on the E side of the bridge looks like a Vic's Model B.
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  8. Nicolas4


    Sep 16, 2020
    That is my friends bass it is a japanese chaki bass the scroll was actually made out a ceramic like material believe it or not so we just sanded it off its just a beater bass.
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    'Needs a few Hello Kitty stickerzzzz....
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    I didn't know Mary Kay made basses.
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  11. Best laugh I've had this week!
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    You have to sell a lot of cosmetics. A lot.
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