Strange shiny box rabbit hole

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    No need to reply unless you have a humerous or sarcastic comment that I will enjoy. This is a confessional. I have a Morely Rotating Wah habit. I have three of 'em now. And a Fender Ad-In-Eko that has the same oil can mechanism. None work quite right. One does actually work, but I have to take it apart and clean it because it's got a nasty click in the sound that comes out of the rotating drum. One doesn't make the oil can warble, and one is slightly disassembled with no reassembly instructions except the other two. The idea is to figure out how to make them work, as though another project is a good idea. Maybe, with all of them, the bits will go together again and I'll be able to make one that actually does what it's supposed to do. They sound pretty awful with bass, which is another reason humerous or sarcastic comments are welcome. But, they are bigger than a toaster, weigh about ten pounds each, and are chromed.

    Oh, one other thing. They don't sound good with bass, and they sound spectacularly bad if you bow an upright and run it through one of these. More reason for humerous or sarcastic comments.

    Thank you. I feel better already.