Strange shoulder pain I had a while back.

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    Oct 15, 2009
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    I Know this isn't the best place to ask but you guys still have collectively a great amount of knowledge/ideas.

    a few years back, I'm guessing around 4-5 years ago about 6 months after I graduated high school, I lost my job and was unemployed for I'm guessing around 8 months. During this time I had horrible pains in my shoulders, funny thing is it happened in both shoulders suddenly and then left. I literally could NOT lift my arms past horizontal, I couldn't put on or take off my own shirt it was that bad. If I really had to lift my arm up over my shoulder, I had to rotate my arm shoulder in a certain direction while someone held it up, then I could go up. But upon coming down, I had to again rotate it past the catch and then I could come down.

    What could have caused this to happen in both shoulders with sudden onset and suddenly gone. I paid no sports and had absolutely no physical damage to attribute to it.
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    Jul 2, 2007
    Pinched Nerve.
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    if it was me i would get an MRI done and see someone who knows nerves arund the spine...
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    When I was 12 ( I'm now 55), I had a wicked rash on my butt for a couple of days....I wonder what it was ?
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    You can get viruses that can attack certain parts of the body too.
  6. It might have something to do with your bed and/or the way you sleep. How's your mattress?
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    I'm guessing a cereal one in the spine not around the shoulders?
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    I do think it had something to do with sleeping, but I slept in the same mattress for 3-4 more years no problems. I did however have similar pains when I was around 12 but it was always on one side never as severe and would only last 1-4 days.

    This one happened on both shoulders sometime, and lasted 8 months, and was horrible.
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    I'm sorry...that was the wrong voodoo doll
  10. I'd think about going to see a chiropractor. If you think it could be a pinched nerve in your spine then he's the guy you'll want to go see. Years ago I had sciatic nerve problems which would give me intense shooting pains down my right leg, to the point where I could hardly walk. I went to see a chiro and he took care of the problem in just a few sessions, and I havn't had a problem since.
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    This is a thread I started a while ago, having similar problems:
    There may be several possible causes for your problem:
    1) Neck hernia
    2) Inflammation in the neck area
    3) Arthritis

    Don't underestimate the third option. Arthritis sometimes comes and goes, before it really hits. I've had this about twelve years ago. I couldn't even close the buttons of my shirt for two days. Then it disappeared completely. Sadly it returned five years ago. Many joints are painful from time to time. With some medication the symptoms are more or less under control. Of course I see a specialist on a regular basis. Arthritis can be detected in the blood as well as in urine.